8 Years After

By Caomhin

I honestly can not believe it has been eight years since monsters committed these atrocities against our fellow citizens, our neighbors, our families, our loved ones.  Politics and time seem to have taken focus away from what occurred eight years ago today.  To harbor such evil in one’s heart to callously plan out and commit such horrific acts is incomprehensible to you and I, and yet, these animals did just that.  They viciously murdered thousands of men and women indiscriminately and celebrated these vile attacks.

We must always remain on guard and we must stand ready to defend our fellow Americans from such acts of evil and to prevent extremists from acting upon their evil intentions.  I can not tell you how many prayers and well wishes that each of us have said and done in honor of the victims of these barbarians.  I ask that each of us continue to pray for them and for the victims of all such acts of evil.  We must never forget the preciousness of each and every human life.  We must never forget and we never will.  The victims of 9/11 are forever in our hearts, our prayers, and our lives.

That which divides us is not as strong as that which unites us.  No politics today for me, we are all Americans, and we all mourn the loss of so many bright lights eight years ago.  That’s the only way I can think to describe the men and women who suffered tragedy that day.  The world has not been as luminous ever since.


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