Ed Rendell Only Wants Tax Hikes

By Caomhin

Even as some Republicans cave and agree to tax increases on businesses, cigarettes, and move toward the legalization of table games under the proposed “bipartisan” budget proposal, Ed Rendell is vowing to threatening to veto any bill that does not allow him to raise personal income taxes, and maybe even sales tax.  This guy is unreal.  He is by far the absolute worst governor in the history of Pennsylvania, he has undermined economic growth, already has imposed staggering tax increases on the citizens and businesses of Pennsylvania, and skirts his duties by providing color commentary on Eagles games on Comcast, a practice he has refused to end despite his lack of leadership on crafting a balanced budget that stays within the means of collected revenue.  He can not and will not accept anything that does not allow him to further harm Pennsylvanians.

Ed Spendell is the prototypical liberal.  The only thing this guy knows is tax and spend.  Well that and hooking up his buddies and his old cronies in Philly.  The only silver lining is that we get to choose his replacement next year.  I can’t wait until this trainwreck is out of office and we go about solving the problems that face Pennsylvanians.   In the GOP primary we will have two solid options, Jim Gerlach  and Tom Corbett.  As of now I’m leaning toward Tom Corbett as he has been an incredibly effective Attorney General who has vigorously prosecuted many corruption cases.  The countdown is on until Spendell is gone and we should, under no circumstances, allow his irresponsible policies to further sandbag the Commonwealth even after he leaves office.


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