Union Push for Health Care All About Check Card

By Caomhin

Don’t forget about Card Check, though it’s been quiet in the media, with the unions essentially writing the legislation being introduced in Congress, they’re doing their best to keep this under the radar.  However, it is very easy to connect the dots here.  It’s not a secret that Obama has used the unions as his ground team both for his candidacy as well as to try and intimidate town hall protestors during the August recess.  I’ve had a few people ask me why Unions are pushing so hard for the health care deal when it’s pretty much common knowledge that Union workers typically have great benefits.  Why?  It’s not about health care to the Unions.  The Democrats and the Unions are using each other.

You know how badly the Unions want check card.  You also know that Unions are becoming increasingly irrelevant over time, that businesses now use benefits and superior working conditions to attract higher quality talent in order to give themselves an edge over the competition.  The problem for the Unions and their leaders, of course, is that dwindling numbers mean less union dues which results in lower funds and lower levels of influence.  Given the option of the secret ballot, results indicate that the majority of workers don’t want anything to do with a Union, but forcing them to vote out in the open, as history and logic have proven, allows for the opportunity to try to directly influence a vote by a number of means.  It taints the ballot, but it’s not fairness that the Unions are looking for here.  It’s getting that money and power back up.

The Union is anxious to get Check Card passed, but announced that the Obama Administration told them, no way, not until Obama gets his healthcare bill passed:

A top labor official said Monday that President Obama and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have indicated that they will not bring up “card check” legislation until after healthcare reform is done in Congress.

“The President/and Emanuel have both said they dont intend to bring Employee Free Choice Act up until Health Insurance Reform is done,” Trumka wrote on the blog. “Which gives us an additional reason to do Health Insurance Reform now!”

Of course it’s an additional reason for the Union to try and push for the Government run Health Care Option, because they’re not going to get what they want until Obama gets what he wants.  In fact, that’s probably exactly what was said at that meeting.  Obama, though, can’t go to the media right now and talk about Check Card, not with all the other issues unfolding, so he sends surrogates, to let the Unions know that the deal is still on:

We have pounded out an Employees Choice bill which will meet labor’s objectives,” Specter said. “I believe before the year is out, and I will join my colleague Sen. [Bob] Casey [Jr. (D-Pa.)] in predicting, that there will be passage of an Employees Free Choice Act which will be totally satisfactory to labor.”

Notice how Specter, world renown for being a self-serving career politician (whom I will from henceforth always refer to his political affiliation as Specter (Specter-PA) because he’s the only person he cares about) is determined to let the Unions know that the bill will be satisfactory to THEM and says nothing about the American people or their right to choose whether or not they choose to organize in the workplace?  Of course he doesn’t mention people’s decisions to decide for themselves, he only cares about whether the organizing wing of the Democratic Party is happy.  Don’t think it’s a mistake either that Obama did a fundraiser for Specter today either.  It’s not a coincidence at all.  Just another signal.  Up until Specter was chased out of the GOP by our future Senator, Pat Toomey, he opposed Check Card.  He switched the Dems, the PA GOP and may of his donors demanded he return the money donated to him, and suddenly he switches his vote in exchange for money so he can stay in Washington.  Standard operation procedure I suppose.

The Democrats need Ted Kennedy’s seat to be filled to prepare for their Nuclear Option of passing Healthcare through Reconciliation, which I believe they will do.  I truly believe that they are going to ram this down the American people’s throat even though the majority of Americans are opposed to the plan.  They need as many votes as they can get to make it look like it’s only a few who are withholding support (prediction, Obama will say these people were “scared of Change” or “worried about their political lives” when this happens) so they need to fill his seat stat.  Problem is Ted Kennedy himself strong encouraged the Massachusetts legislature to change the law allowing the governor of the state to appoint a Senate successor when Mitt Romney was the Governor just in case John Kerry won the Presidency in 2004, in order to prevent a Republican from gaining the seat.

Before Ted Kennedy died, he was very determined to have this law changed BACK to what is was before he went out of his way to try and commandeer the legislative process of the state government.  That process is still under way.  So guess who’s organizing to aid in the effort to fill that seat?  Why, it’s the SEIU:

Amidst national dialogue on healthcare reform, healthcare workers from 1199SEIU sent a letter today to all Massachusetts legislators to honor the request of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy to allow an interim appointment by the Governor to fill his seat in the U.S. Senate.


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