Media Bias Headline of the Year

By Caomhin

Not to mention delusional.  Not only is the headline stunningly insane, the context is as well.  Yet still, somehow, there are many a Democrat who think there is no such thing as media bias.  It’s called reality, my friends, the least you can do is acknowledge it.

If you can stand to read the entire article, you really start to get the sense that our friends on the Left really wish there wasn’t such pesky things as checks and balances preventing Obama from being ordained emperor of the United States.  Actually, you hear it all the time in discussions with many Liberals, calling the GOP “obstructionist,” blaming Congress for not just handing Obama what he wants, or anything else they think may keep Obama from just having supreme authority and having all the stars in the sky named after him.

The funny thing is, it’s not the GOP who is stopping him, it’s his own party. After all, the Democrats have a super majority and are essentially powerless to stop him.  It’s the American people’s opposition to his horrendous policies that have stopped moderate Democrats from fast tracking this nation’s ruin.  Obama has put us so far in debt, has contributed to what is, in my view, a criminal, politically fueled unemployment rate, and increasing encroaches on person freedoms, that Democrats with a sense of obligation and a moral compass aren’t blindly jumping on board with his plans.  Then again, maybe that’s too much credit for them.  Maybe they’re just looking for payoffs like Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.


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