Rendell, Synonym for Tax and Spend

By Caomhin

Seriously, if there is anyone in Pennsylvania (besides Rendell’s cronies in Philadelphia) who isn’t counting down the days until Fast Eddy is out of office, I don’t know them.  Honestly, I don’t know a single person who can’t wait until he leaves Harrisburg.  Perhaps then he will have a reason to not fulfill the duties of governor and do some sports broadcasting.  Everything this guy touches turns into a disaster, it’s the opposite of the Midas touch.

So what’s Ed Rendell up to these days?  Well, you already know, but Rendell is still chasing his dream, one that will hurt Pennsylvanians even more as Governor Fail heads out of office.  That dream?  To raise taxes and the cost of living on every Pennsylvanian:

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell will press for another increase in public school funding and a tax on natural gas production when he presents his last state budget in February.

But the Democrat wouldn’t say today whether he will use his final year in office to try to head off a fiscal “tsunami” that he warns is headed toward Pennsylvania after his term ends.

True indeed, Rendell has seriously destroyed the Commonwealth’s balance sheet and he has single handedly caused many, many, of the issues facing our beloved Commonwealth today.  Yet, despite his warning that he has so seriously destroyed our state’s finances that he’s calling it a financial “tsunami”, he is looking to….raise taxes and increase spending.  It’s bad enough that our state sits on enough coal to be self sufficient in power generation that we aren’t allowed to touch, now this clown is trying to raise the cost of production (which we all know will be passed on to consumers) of natural gas, yet another energy source that we have in abundance, but damned if we can’t make our lives a little better without the government getting fat off our labor.  It’s a joke.  As far as school funding, our school performed at a higher rate before Captain Cheesesteak took the reigns of the office.

Say what you want about Tom Ridge, hell I’m a conservative and I’ve had some issues with him, but as a governor, he did great with our state.  We weren’t facing a financial calamity as we are now.  I think the unwritten rule of politics is that if a Liberal takes control of the Executive Branch, you are in for a world of hurt.  Try and prove me wrong on that.  California, Massachusetts, New Jersey (who thankfully elected Chris Christie to try and at least minimize the destruction of that state done by Jon Corzine), etc., all have imminent financial crises.  Don’t say Gov. Terminator either, he’s a liberal when it comes to financial matters.  Look our nation right now, Obama, king liberal, is in charge, and what has he done so far?  Spent nearly $2 Trillion in less than 1 year, is on the verge of socializing our health care, which will send that bill skyrocketing, and is slowly but surely turning the US dollar into monopoly money.

You want a functioning, financially health government?  You may or may not get it with a member of the GOP or the Libertarians (there are some great holder of public trust out there and believe me, I will be covering that in detail soon enough), but you sure as hell won’t get it with a liberal.  Keep that in mind next time you vote.  If you value things like getting medical treatment, heating your home, having a job, being able to keep enough of your paycheck to maybe buy a pizza once a week, then don’t vote for a liberal.  If it helps, just think of Ed Rendell or Obama reaching their grubby little hands into your pockets, opening your wallet, taking your cash, and saying, “it’s ok baby, it’s all Bush’s fault anyway,” and then lighting the cash on fire, because, really, it’s what they’re doing anyway.


1 Response to “Rendell, Synonym for Tax and Spend”

  1. 1 Slamdunk December 23, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Raising taxes in the current economic environment is a recipe for disaster. Nice post.

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