Another Obama Nominee, Another Lie

By Caomhin

Seriously, has a single nominee not been exposed as a liar?  I thought all those tax issues were pretty horrible, and believe me that fact that we have a tax cheat, Tim Geithner, as Secretary of the Treasury is mind numbingly painful, especially considering that there were many, many, of Obama’s nominees who are looking forward to raising your taxes while ducking theirs.  Obama himself has told so many lies that you are pretty much forced to fact check every word out of his mouth.  Of course, the worst lie, and also illustration of incompetence, recently came from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet “The System Worked” Napolitano, who may actually be insane considering she muttered those words while discussing the terrorist Abdulmutallab nearly murdering many of fellow citizens on Christmas Day.

The most recent liar who appears headed to work under teh Obama is Erroll Southers, Obama’s nominee to head up the TSA.  Actually, Southers lie is not nearly as bad as what he did and then subsequently lie about:

Southers first described the episode in his October affidavit, telling the Senate panel that two decades ago he asked a San Diego Police Department employee to access confidential criminal records about the boyfriend. Southers said he had been censured by superiors at the FBI. He described the incident as isolated and expressed regrets about it.

The committee approved his nomination Nov. 19. One day later, Southers wrote to Lieberman and Collins saying his first account was incorrect. After reviewing documents, he wrote, he recalled that he had twice conducted the database searches himself, downloaded confidential law enforcement records about his wife’s boyfriend and passed information on to the police department employee, the letter said.

It is a violation of the federal Privacy Act to access such information without proper cause. The law says that “any person who knowingly and willfully requests or obtains any record concerning an individual from an agency under false pretenses shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not more than $5,000.”

A former FBI agent “accidentally” forgot that it was he who illegally accessed a federal database to mine information on an individual…twice.  Nothing like confirming an individual with a track record of illegally accessing information on others should be settling for any one.  If Obama had an ounce of respect for the law he would have pulled this guy’s nomination.  Everyone makes mistakes, but just how many criminals does Obama want working in his administration, and if he’s comfortable with criminals running his operations, then neither he nor his liberal allies should be upset when that is pointed out.

There is no excuse for putting criminals in liars in charge of public affairs.  I can guarantee you that if an employee of a private sector business accessed private information on another individual they would be fired at minimum and almost assuredly convicted.  I can also guarantee you that they would never be given a promotion.  While I’m issuing you guarantees, I can also guarantee that if I don’t pay my taxes, I sure as hell won’t be the next Secretary of Treasury and that I’d be fined and probably locked up.  Yet, when it comes to Obama, everyone just seems to forget that we have laws that EVERY citizen of this nation is required to follow.


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