Josh First takes on Tim Holden in PA-17

By Caomhin

Reading this short article from Pennlive got me a bit fired up.  I’m definitely liking Josh First:

“Tim Holden has proven himself to be a liberal enabler of Nancy Pelosi’s anti-American policies. He voted for Pelosi to be Speaker of the U.S. House, and his ensuing 96 percent voting record with Pelosi proves that Holden is a liberal Trojan Horse, right here in the heartland of America. Right in one of the most conservative, all-American regions of our great nation we have one of the most Liberal elected officials,” said First.
“Holden is no moderate, he is as liberal as any liberal holding office today in America. Heck, compare his record with Congressman Chaka Fattah, who has a 98 percent voting record with Pelosi, and Fattah is from Philadelphia. They’re nearly the same,” said First.

Mr. First is deadly accurate here, and while I don’t know too much about him yet, the first impression is awesome.  Let me share a little story about Holden with you.  During the run up the House of Representative’s vote on Obama Care, I called every representative in Pennsylvania.  All of the Democrats D.C. offices, to their credit, were at least cordial to me on this particular issue, even if they were blowing me off.  Holden’s office, though, was not.

The bill hadn’t quite been out for more than 24 hours or so (and before amendments were added) when I called and the woman who answered the phone was not exactly happy to take my call.  After raising my concerns she essentially lied about what was and what was not in the bill (such as money for abortions, tax increases, the public option, the exchange, etc) she said “you’re not from our district so you don’t know that Rep. Holden reads every bill that he votes on.”  I explicitly asked if he would read the health care bill and the response was that “he already had.”  So either Rep. Holden is a talented speed reader or he didn’t take the time to understand it, or most likely, she was lying to me.  When I tried to ask follow up questions, she was quite flustered and the conversation did not need to be extended.  After this incident I looked a bit more closely at Holden’s record and noticed that his voting record was very far to the left on many, many issues, even as he claims he is a Blue Dog.  So yes, I’m going to pay close attention to this race.


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