Liberals Whine About Rasmussen

By Caomhin

Nothing is safe from Liberal rage.  Liberals have found a new enemy, the people who respond to polls conducted by Rasmussen.  Liberals believe there are flaws in Rasmussen’s methodology, most likely because, unlike partisan main stream media polls Rasmussen does not skew their results by oversampling Democratic voters.  Rasmussen is a non-partisan polling company that has been very accurate in nearly all of their polls, and their presidential poll came damn close to the actual result of the 2008 election results.  Yet, they’re bias and can’t be trusted according to liberals simply because Rasmussen doesn’t donate money and actively work for the Democrats…even though they don’t do either for Republicans either.

So what’s the main gripe?  Liberals are really, really mad at the founder and president of Rasmussen Reports, Scott Rasmussen because the Rasmussen Reports are showing that people have stopped drinking the Obama Kool Aid and are pretty pissed off that the government has decided to re-define the words deficit and spending.  Here’s some highlights from the Politico piece:

While Scott Rasmussen, the firm’s president, contends that he has no ax to grind — his bio notes that he has been “an independent pollster for more than a decade” and “has never been a campaign pollster or consultant for candidates seeking office” — his opponents on the left insist he is the hand that feeds conservative talkers a daily trove of negative numbers that provides grist for attacks on Obama and the Democratic Party.

“He’s been underpolling Obama all year,” said Boehlert. “People start thinking, ‘There’s something going on here.’”

His opponents are mad that…Rasmussen Reports have identified problems that voters have with the liberal dominated government.  So what’s the Democrats response?  Well it’s sure not, “hey, look, people are really mad at some of the stuff we’re doing, maybe we should listen to the voters.”  We all know that won’t fly.  Hell, if that were the case, they wouldn’t have pushed so hard for Obama Care.  One noted right wing polling outfit found that Americans opposed it by a margin of 27 percent, while another right wing lunatic organization showed that Americans opposed Obama Care by a margin of 7 percent.  Those organizations?  Quinnipiac and the Washington Post, widely loved by liberals everywhere.

The “daily trove of negative numbers,” are the result of Liberals actions, not of Rasmussen’s methodology.  In fact, even in polls known to skew heavily toward Democratic voters show that the Liberals are in trouble this year for spending money like a drunken college student at a bar with their first credit card.  As far as “underpolling Obama,” it doesn’t even dawn on liberals that their allies are over polling him.  Their egos are so gigantic that they can’t even comprehend the consequence of their actions in ignoring the electorate.  Maybe they should ask Ben Nelson, who was in a strongly competitive race in early polls for 2012 in Nebraska until he voted for Obama Care.  Now…he’s down by 30 points in recent polls.

Liberals won’t take strong principled stands against dictators or terrorists, but print something that shows Obama’s ineffectiveness, and watch out!  I can’t decide if it’s more amusing or pathetic, but it is what it is.  Either way, for every day that goes by, I take them less and less serious.


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