Democrats Getting Desperate in Massachusetts

By Caomhin

Liberal big government types HATE competition in any form.  They simply want all encompassing control over everything.  That is essentially the liberal platform, they want group think and they want everyone to tow the liberal line.  You see an extreme amount of vitriol reserved for individuals who do not tow the Democratic Party’s stance.

For months, the special election in Massachusetts has been viewed as a cake walk in order to fill “Ted Kennedy’s seat,” but as Scott Brown has said it’s not Kennedy’s seat, it’s the people’s seat.  Well, the people in Massachusetts are not bending over backwards for the Democratic Party this time, and the liberals are very, very upset.

Latest polling has Scott Brown in a dead heat, or in some cases, up by a few points on Martha Coakley.  Liberals have been incensed by the situation and have stooped lower than ever, even running an add with the World Trade Center to try to attack Scott BrownThey are attempting to taint Brown and the Tea Party, accusing them of being “radicals,” which only fits if you think operating a balanced budget and reducing the national deficit is radical.   It has always amazed me how much the far left hates fiscally conservative individuals, as if there is something wrong with being responsible with finances.

As proof that the polls are not simply outliers, Democrats are foolishly talking about using reconciliation of trying to ram their disastrous health care plan down an unwilling American public’s throats if Brown wins the seat.  In fact, in the latest Rasmussen poll, 55% of Americans oppose Obamacare, and I have seen that number even higher in other polls.  Of course, responding to what the American people need and want has never been part of the Democratic Party’s objectives, and hopefully, they will pay a price for this arrogance and disregard for the people’s wishes.

There are of course a few other developments that are noteworthy here as far as other national figures go.  Obama is going to Massachusetts to campaign for Coakley tomorrow after his robocalls were a complete and utter failure.  Barney “Housing Bubble” Frank has stated that a Brown win would kill Obamacare (which is precisely why Democrats are openly talking about reconciliation again).  Bill Clinton, the special envoy to Haiti, will be skirting his duties to Haiti after the devastating earthquake, precisely the time he’s needed there to stump for Coakley.  So much for doing the right thing.

****Special note:  For a list of Organizations helping in the Relief Effort in Haiti, click here ****

Brown is closing strong in this race, but if you have additional time or money, head on over to his website.  If you can make phone calls, please do so.  Let’s help Scott Brown get over the top here.


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