Rendell Still Refuses to Give up on Dream of Raising Taxes

By Caomhin

Hardcore liberal seeks to raise taxes, and again, it is met with anything but surprise.  I don’t know why Rendell has it out for the natural gas industry in particular, but he wants a tax on natural gas extraction like he wants a cheesesteak.  I’ve blogged on this issue at least a few times before, and that may be an understatement.

After bids for six tracts of state forest land came in over twice what the state had budgeted, Gov. Ed Rendell renewed calls for an extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale, a natural gas source deep under the Pennsylvania surface.

Think of the logic behind Rendell’s thinking here.  The state received bids that came in twice what they project, which is more revenue than they had planned on receiving, and he immediately calls for…a tax increase.  Let’s rephrase that, the Commonwealth received nearly twice the amount of money they were expecting from to a competitive bidding process and Rendell wants even more money.  Nothing will satisfy this buffoon short of signing yet another tax increase and I have no idea why he wants to raise costs on consumers (which is precisely what his idiotic tax idea will do) especially when the economy is hurting so badly, in part in the Commonwealth because of his ineptitude, and nationally because of Liberal policies that are choking out any potential growth.  I probably can’t properly put into words how badly I’m itching to vote for a new governor and to see this tool pack his bags and get the hell out of Harrisburg.


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