CBS Hits Obama for Lying about Calls for Bipartisanship

By Caomhin

Kudos to Mark Knoller of CBS for calling Obama out for his lies with relation to wanting to work in a bipartisan spirit with the GOP:

What these presidential appeals for bipartisanship always mean is: do it my way.

Mr. Obama said he “won’t hesitate to embrace a good idea from my friends in the minority party.” But he wants his way. He wants his energy policy enacted along with his jobs bill, his financial regulatory reform and his health care plan.
And if the opposition continues to block his objectives, he said he “won’t hesitate to condemn what I consider to be obstinacy that’s rooted not in substantive disagreement but in political expedience.”
When a sitting president calls for bipartisanship by the opposition – he really means surrender. And if they block his proposals, its “obstinacy” and not political views they hold as strongly as he holds his.

Mr. Knoller is absolutely right.  Obama has never been genuine about his calls for bipartisanship.  In fact, he only has started to talk about bipartisanship in any large degree since Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts and cost Liberals their Supermajority.  Now, Obama HAS to have at least one GOP member to get bills passed, and rather than do actually work with Republicans, he refuses to back away from his plans and consider other opens.  Rather than hold open and honest talks with the GOP, he wants to televise a scolding and try to pressure the GOP into giving him his own way.  John Boehner and other Republicans should indeed boycott Obama’s “health care reform talk,” on Feb. 25th until Obama shows that he is honest about wanting to listen to other ideas and incorporate them into a bill that works for the American people.  Boehner is also correct in that the Obama’s bill will not pass.  Of course, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, are just the kinds of egomaniacs who will force a bill widely opposed by the American people, down our throats through reconciliation.  However, I promise you, if they were to resort to this tactic rather than to craft a bill satisfactory to the American people, all of our efforts to throw the usurpers out of office in a swift and decisive fashion, will increase exponentially.

Obama is a talented speaker. When it comes to working well with others, problem solving, stepping out of his comfort zone, working with numbers, or governing, he lacks a strong skill set. However, it is his ego that is his biggest drawback and the one that has become glaringly obvious to the American people.  Rather than overpromising and under delivering as so many politicians before him, he has hyper promised and delivered nothing.  Americans will respond to him and his Party at the election booth in November.


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