Global Warming on Hold For Record Snowfalls

By Caomhin

Al Gore and the Envirofascists are being much like Elmer Fudd right now,  Vewwwwy Qwwwwiet.  Not much to this post because if you live the Mid Atlantic like I do you know what’s been happening this winter with all the snow.  However, I would like to pass along a couple of screen shots and some links to consider as you wonder what Al Gore and friends are doing right now.


What kind of inclement weather closed the “Global Warming Impact” hearing?


Hey look, it’s a weather map from the same day that the cancellation was announced.  12-18 inches of snow forecast for our area here in the Slate Belt.  That’s from this storm, not the first one which buried DC, Baltimore, and Philly.  I’ll leave you with a collection of headlines form the two major snow storms…in the last 5 days.

Feb. 6 – Reuters : Powerful Snowstorm Hits US East Coast

Feb. 9 – Accuweather:  All Out Blizzard Wednesday

Feb. 9 – Accuweather:  50 Million in Path of Blizzard From DC to Boston


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