Sen. Inhofe’s Family Builds Al Gore an Igloo

By Caomhin

Good stuff from Sen. Inhofe and his family:

( – The family of Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) had some fun at former Vice President and global warming spokesman Al Gore’s expense over the weekend after record snowfall blanketed the nation’s capital.
The family spent Saturday and Sunday building an igloo near the U.S. Capitol building, and the Oklahoma senator posted photos of their handiwork on
his Facebook page. They added signs to the snow dwelling that read, “AL GORE’S NEW HOME!” and “HONK IF YOU (LOVE) GLOBAL WARMING.”

The article continues from there and it’s definitely worth the read.  The igloo was built from the nor’easter that passed over the weekend, not the one from today that is clobbering us yet again.  Sen. Inhofe has been one of, if not the best advocates calling for a restraint on the rush to shackle our citizens and our economy under green lock and chain. Even as more evidence become available that numerous studies on global warming were either fudged or supplied with faulty data points, that isn’t stopping the greens from preaching their Doomsday prophecies (and lining their pockets with your money). It’s amazing how Al Gore is never around when it snows, but you can place your bets right now, the first time we get the usual amount of humidity we get in the summer, or the first major summertime weather events occurs, Rev. Al and his Envirofascist acolytes will be front and center.


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