Democrats Continue to Pursue Reconciliation for Health Care

By Caomhin

No surprise here.  If there is one thing we know about the Left, it’s that they will try to get their way by hook or by crook.  They have long since hinted, despite the American people’s overwhelming opposition to their horrendous health care plan (and desiring Congress to start fresh) and the election results in Massachusetts, that they will try to ram their socialized health care plan down the population’s throats.  Now, more reports that they will, in fact pursue reconciliation to try to pass their bill:

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Kyl echoed a claim that congressional Republicans have made for the past week, that President Barack Obama and House and Senate Democrats intend the summit as a public display and not a genuine dialogue. He quoted a recent Wall Street Journal article that asserted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has “set the stage” for using reconciliation to pass the bill. That controversial legislative tactic could allow the bill to pass the Senate with 51 votes instead of 60 as usually required to break a filibuster.

This is further proof that Obama’s “health care talks,” are nothing more than a sham and that liberals will do anything to try and get their way.  They could care less what the American people want, and this has been proven time and time again in the way that they legislate.  Obama’s ego apparently is so far gone that he cannot bring himself to go along with the will of the American people.  George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan have all had success crafting bipartisan measures.  Now, while I may disagree with some of the bills passed in a bipartisan manner, the fact is that each of the previous presidents have expressed and proven that they are capable of tempering down their plans and reaching across the aisle to seek a middle ground.  Obama and his liberal allies, are so far gone, that they cannot bring themselves to do so.  The resistance to their plans by the American people is evident and they could care less.

The GOP should simply boycott Obama’s “health care talks.”   In actuality, this is going to be nothing more than Obama putting on a show while he will try any tricks necessary to force Americans into legislation that they do not want nor will accept.  He has no intention of telling Democrats to work with Republicans to build a new bill that will have not only bipartisan congressional support, but the support of the American people.  The reality of the situation is that Obama and the liberals in Congress only care about getting their way and have demonstrated a contempt for the will of the American people.  Come November, we will have the opportunity to vote some of the usurpers out of office, but in the meantime, we must work diligently to demonstrate to our representatives that we will not accept laws that run counter to what works in real life.  We simply cannot accept legislation that runs counter to what the American people want.


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