Obama Administration Violating Right to Privacy

By Caomhin

There is a fine line between the government doing all they can to protect us (which the Obama administration is not as further evidenced by their handling of the Christmas Day bombing suspect, Adbulmutallab) and stepping over the lines and violating our rights. There were parts of the Patriot Act that I had issues with, not to the extent that many libertarians had, but there were some parts, as a conservative, that caused concern to me.  One thing about initiating laws is that even if you trust and want to grant that kind of power to the person currenly sitting in office you also have to grant that power to unknown people who will have that power in the future.  The Obama Administration is clearly violating the peoples’ rights to privacy by proactively monitoring your conversations without cause:

As the winter Olympics begin, the Department of Homeland Security has disclosed that it will be monitoring the comments and posts on websites and social media like Twitter for information on possible terror threats. Among the sites listed in a privacy impact statement filed Friday afternoon by DHS are the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, Twitter, Google and this web site, the Blotter.

The National Operations Center of DHS will watch the web for information, according to the statement, to “provide situational awareness” in the event of natural disaster, an “act of terrorism, or other manmade disaster.”

“The Olympics are a potential target for such events,” said the statement. The statement did not list all web sites and social media that the NOC will monitor, but provided 31 examples, many of them, like the Blotter, sites that cover breaking news, security, or terror.

The Administration has to know full well, unless they truly are as incompetent as some people claim, that any gathering of individuals could be considered a target of terrorists, as could any part of our infrastructure.  We, as Americans, are amazingly resilient and we have a duty to report suspicious behavior and report information to the proper authorities to at least do a small part in protecting our nation.  I know that we have the best and the brightest in our Armed Forces, and we have incredible agents in the FBI and CIA.  However, the direction they are being given by the political appointees in the Obama Administration has been nothing short of terrible.

This Administration has shown us that they do not know how to properly handle the War on Terror.  They have shown utter fear in keeping the terrorist threat locked up in Guantanamo. They want to provide civilian trials and grant the rights to Americans citizens to murderous barbarians in order to try and kiss up to some foreign leaders, while ignoring the overwhelming wishes of the American people.  Sadly, the Obama Administration appears to be more concerned with granting rights to those who wants to kill us rather than respect American’s rights to privacy.  The cynic in me has a feeling that their true intentions of monitoring social networks and websites has only a small part to do with fighting terrorism.


1 Response to “Obama Administration Violating Right to Privacy”

  1. 1 MTR February 14, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I had to think back in my mind as to my thoughts if this was going on and George Bush was still in office. I would have understood the reason for the monitoring especially when the fear of terrorism is so great now, as it was then.

    The wiretapping laws permitted monitoring when one source was known to be from a location outside the US, a nation known for terrorism. And THAT I found acceptable.

    But in the case of the Olympics, the source being outside of the country is not necessarily going to exist. So what do you do? Do you monitor all communication? You really can’t without invading the privacy of citizens. It might work to stop terrorism, but it also opens the door to anyone in the administration wanting to check the communications of people who do not agree with them.

    There was a report the other day where there’s a consideration that blogs are going to be monitored (primarily a United Nations). This is getting way to Orwellian! This has to stop and the administration needs to put its foot down concerning the UN and this idea.

    But back to the monitoring…..There has to be other means to protect nations against terrorism other than trying to do so via the violation of civil rights.

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