Obama Administration Preparing Human Rights Report on US for UN

By Caomhin

The Obama Administration is gearing up to start reporting to the UN on the status of human rights in the US.  This, of course, confirms what many us have long since argued, that the Obama Administration will slowly but surely begin an incremental hand over of our sovereignty to the UN, an ineffective, and many time corrupt organization.  The UN also has quite the track record of bashing the US and making a mockery of many things, chiefly among them…human rights.

The Obama administration’s decision to join the Human Rights Council was controversial. The Geneva-based, 47-member HRC faces numerous criticisms, chief among them the presence of countries with poor rights records. Iran is currently running for a seat on the council.

Because, of course, Iran is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of human rights.  Going back to my previous post, the UN is also quite anti-Israeli and has many, many, many, times blasted the US for not adhering the objectives of the UN.  Chiefly among their beliefs, apparently, is allowing Iran to beat and torture their citizens, falsify election results, and pursue nuclear weapons.  Of course, the food for oil scandals, the Law of Sea Treaty, and many other ridiculous and sovereignty killing actions and proposals have been largely anti-US in nature.  Never mind that, Obama has some dictators to impress.

“We’re going to spread out to the border areas,” Posner said. “We’re going to go to Detroit. We’re going to talk to people in this society who are on the front line of criticizing, whether it’s the criminal justice system, immigration policies or national security policies — no holds barred,” he said.

“We’re going to hear them,” Posner said. “We’re going to incorporate their thoughts and suggestions into a report to the U.N. And then we’re going to show up at the end of the year and present that report and get comments from other countries.”

But Austin Ruse, president of a United Nations watchdog organization, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, said the State Department’s process for preparing its report to the UNHRC may not be objective.

“It will give pretty left-wing groups a forum for criticizing the U.S.,” Ruse told CNSNews.com. That internal criticism will then end up at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Of course it is going to wind up in the UN and dictators and thugs like Ahmadinejad and Chavez chastising our nation.  This will also plays strongly into the far left policies in place by the current Administration and Congress as well.  Note well the immigration policies specifically being mentioned as well.  Obama has made clear that after he ruins and socializes our health care system he is going to pursue amnesty next.

Handing over our sovereignty to a corrupt and bias institution like the UN, who chiefly survives on funding provided by us, the taxpayers of this nation, is infuriating.  Many a conservative pundit had argued heading into the 2008 election that Obama would aggressively pursue and enact radical left wing agendas and despite overwhelming evidence and examples, the media is complicit in these acts.  It is not a secret the media leans to left, but I suppose it is my ignorance to believe that they did not lean quite this far to left as to allow Obama and his cohorts to act against the wishes of the American people so aggressively.  Obama campaigned on being a moderate and straight up scammed the American people.  This needs to be called and out and squashed immediately.  Under no circumstances will the American people stand for surrendering even an ounce of our rights nor our sovereignty.  This serves as yet another motivator and issue to pursue as we move towards the elections in November.


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