Obama is destroying the American Dollar

By Caomhin

I have long since argued that the economic policies employed by the Obama Administration are foolish, reckless, and dangerous.  There have been many signs foretelling of a highly weakened American economy in the long term in part of Obama’s policies.  I have also stated that the American economy will strengthen in spite of, not because of, Obama’s economic policies.

Obama has accelerated the accumulation of federal deficit to astronomic proportions and most experts are forecasting deficits as far into the future as they can model. The deficit increased by $220.9 billion in February, the shortest month of the year, which if you do the calculations works out to a loss of $91,311.722 per second.  This is alarming at best, truly a devastating number.

It now appears that the Canadian dollar is poised to overtake the American dollar in strength by year end.  I recall many articles in the past when, for a short period of time the Loonie had gained parity or surpassed our dollar, it was sign of just how dire our economy was doing, and I mean this in disrespect to our great neighbors to the North.  For the second time now in two years, the dollar will drop below the value of the Canadian dollar.

Since the Democrats took control of Congress, the economy has suffered greatly.  We are still in the midst of a depression (again, the media does not have the stones to call it as such).  President George W. Bush was hardly the most fiscally conservative president we have ever had, and there is no excuse for him or the GOP adding to the national debt when the GOP had control of Congress, but nearly all economists had agreed that the debts that were accumulating were at least sustainable.  Since the Democrats have seized both Congress and the Executive branch the debt level has become unsustainable and we are racing towards a crisis the likes we have never seen before.

Obama’s policies, his insane spending levels, his assault on the private sector, including the auto, financial, and health care industries, coupled with his lack of foresight and leadership are leading us into what could become a death spiral.  His radical left wing agenda is moving our nation towards insolvency.  It is our duty in November to hit the polls and take down the radical left wing congress in order to restore sanity to our nation.  This is not an excuse to simply vote in a member of the GOP who will not adhere to strong fiscal conservative philosophies or are lacking in leadership skills.  We must use the primaries in order to ensure that those who are given the opportunity to seek office will address these problems before it is too late.  The American people have already stood up and said “No More!” it is time for our leaders to do the same.


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