Human Achievement Hour 2010

By Caomhin

The celebration of Human Achievement Hour last year was an outstanding way for Americans, and indeed people the world over, to celebrate the achievements of mankind.  Marissa and I enthusiastically supported Human Achievement Hour by leaving a few extra lights on.  It was a good time to reflect on the advances of science and technology by mankind.  It truly is remarkable how far civilization has advanced over time and every now and again, I’ll check out a site like Wired or Gizmodo and just think, “wow,” when I come across some new innovation being brought to life.

Of course not all people like the fact that mankind has made such incredible strides.  Hippies and enviro-fascists come to mind.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that many, many scientists and politicians (see Al Gore) have cooked the books in order to advance their own selfish agenda and to try to manipulate the marketplace so as to shore up their bottom line, hippies and Nature Nuts, gear up mourn the fact that mankind left their caves and developed light bulbs.  Earth Hour is essentially a mourning of all things that have helped make everyone’s lives better.  Well, advancement is something that should be celebrated, not mourned.  So I’d like to ask you to help celebrate just how far we have come by leaving an extra light on, firing up your computer and TV and truly enjoying the technology that has improved our lives immensely.

On March 27, 2010, at 8:30 pm, fire up all your gadgets, have fun, and reflect on all that mankind has achieved.


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