Obama Gearing up for Amnesty Push

By Caomhin

Once again confirming he does not care about the laws of our land, Obama is gearing up to seek an amnesty bill for those who are in our nation illegally.  Of course, the GOP’s biggest amnesty shill, Lindsey Graham is readily on board, which comes as no surprise.  Let’s get a few facts straight on “Immigration Reform.”

First, no one is opposed to LEGAL immigration, in fact, I support it whole heartedly.  We all came from somewhere and we are nation of immigrants.  We are proud of who we are and where we came from, of that there is no doubt.  However, there is a proper method by which one immigrates to this nation, and every person seeking to come here must follow the laws.

By definition, if you are not following the law, you are breaking the law.  Therefore, there should be nothing controversial about calling illegal immigrants criminal.  They know they are breaking the law and they choose to do so anyway, to pretend their actions are anything but illegal is foolish.

That being said, I have no doubt that many are coming here seeking a better life.  We are the best nation on the face of the Earth and throughout history, even if we are being assaulted from within by the forces of the radical left wing.  Everyone wants to come here.  That is why we have rules and regulations with regards to immigration that must followed.

Don’t think that I lack in empathy for those who long to come here but can not, I know their situations may be considered dire.  However, knowingly breaking the law demands that offenders be punished.  I can not simply walk into a store if I am broke and steal some food and expect to be celebrated or made into a martyr for doing so.  I would have broken the law, and I would expect justice to be served.  Yet, it is shocking to me that people are outraged when laws are enforced when it comes to immigration.  Demanding people follow the law of the land isn’t a matter of being “mean” or being “nice” it is what keeps order and keeps our nation functioning properly.

Certain reforms to immigration must be pursued, however, I sincerely doubt Obama will be seeking border security and enforcement as part of his reform.  I seriously doubt that deporting those who broke our laws to come here will be on his agenda.  No, given his stated positions and the backing of people like Schumer and Graham, it is pretty obvious that Obama is looking for a way to ram amnesty down our throats after he socializes our health care system and goes after the financial industry.  After all, he has already nationalized a large portion of the auto industry.   His agenda and goals are painfully obvious.


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