Unconstitutionally Selling Out America

By Caomhin

That’s pretty much how you can sum up what Congress is doing.  In the face of overwhelming opposition to Obama’s attempt to socialize health care in America, Democrats are spitting in the nation’s face as they solicit back door deals, carve up the Constitution, and use accounting tricks to hide the true cost of this disastrous bill.   New taxes are included on this bill as well, from manufacturers of health care products to a new Medicare tax that includes a monstrous marriage penalty (taxes start effecting individuals making $200,000 or more in a year and married couples with a combined income of $250,000 or more per year).  The IRS will swell in size as a result of this bill and will be used to force compliance by individuals to an unconstitutional mandate on how you choose to spend your money.

Also to be eliminated will the the large array of choices in health care plans that you have now.  Premiums will RISE as a result of this policy as you will no longer be able to choice plans that fit your need, but will be forced to choose plans that fit the government’s needs.  Many medical providers are promising to leave the market place as a result of this take over, which will reduce the supply, something that is not being taken into effect in any of these estimates.  As you know full well, when supply is sharply decreased, coupled with a sharp uptick in demand, prices will spike, and services will become more scarce.

This bill is a recipe for disaster.  However, even as it looks as like as if this bill will unconstitutionally pass the House, I have faith that the courts will strike this down for a multitude of reasons.  Here is something else of importance for you, the roll call on the Slaughter Strategy indicates the level of contempt that Democrats have for our Constitution.  Think of this not only as a roll call on shredding our nation’s most important document, think of it as a guide as to whom you should be voting out of office with enthusiasm in November if they voted “yes”.

The arrogance of Democrats to imply that Americans are stupid (when Congress is incapable of balancing a check book, let alone a budget, or understand the Constitution of our land) for opposing this statist take over of the health care industry is astounding.  It is with sheer disappointment that I am watching our nation be inflicted with such a wound as to have to deal with the legislation and tactics of this criminal Congress.  However, it is with sheer enthusiasm that I am looking forward to helping them oust them from office.


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