The Grassroots Make it Happen!

By Caomhin

Congratulations to everyone who made the 2010 elections unfold the way that they did.  Without question the candidates worked their tails off and put in a tremendous amount of work, but the hardiest work, and the thankless work was done by the voters of every district.   This work has paid off wonderfully.

I have not blogged much as of late but I am still here and I am putting in the work, albeit offline.  Yesterday we had the opportunity to make numerous phone calls and distribute slate cards at a local polling precinct for the GOP ticket here in Pennsylvania.  Like many people across the Commonwealth we are greatly pleased that today we can call Tom Corbett our Governor elect, Pat Toomey our Senator elect, and here in the 15th Congressional district we have someone like Charlie Dent to represent us in Washington.  Congratulations are also due to Pat Meehan, Mike Fitzpatrick, and Lou Barletta among others.  I mention them because they are from our neighboring districts.  We also have taken control of the Commonwealth’s Legislature.  Yes, those small donations and the hours of work absolutely pay off.

With regards to the national elections, we did very well, but I am not satisfied.  I am not satisfied when someone as clueless and inept as Harry Reid retains his seat.  I am not satisfied when we lose a race like this and I am not satisfied when we essentially forfeited a very winnable Delaware race.  We need better candidates and we need to understand that electability matters.  If you don’t believe me now just think of that each time you see Harry Reid and Chris Coons on TV for the next six years.

At this hour I am still hoping Dino Rossi can pull out the win.  I am very happy that Marco Rubio won his race handily, ditto for Rob Portman and Kelly Ayotte.  Special congratulations are due to Jaime Herrera and Raul Labrador as well, a couple of candidates from Washington and Idaho respectively whom we very much liked.  (To The Tea Party Express and their candidate of choice Walt Minnick, I hope you enjoy your losses.  The Tea Party Express jumped ship at the last second once they realized Raul was going to win.  The better candidate won, yet another example of being both electable and having strong conservative values.)

Work starts now for the next election, 2011, where many state and municipal elections are going to be held and if you live in a state where you feel that you’re up against big odds, that’s good.  First, you’re motivated, and nothing is better than motivation.  Second, there is no off season and even more reason for you to be involved and to take on a leadership role.  The grassroots has and will continue to deliver tangible results and will continue to hold elected leaders accountable.  This process never stops nor should it.  It is when people like us let our guard down that we get trampled or neglect local elections where real in roads can be gained.  When we stop looking we get people like Lisa Murkowski who desperately cling to power and will say and do anything to maintain power.  We don’t’ let our guard down and we certainly don’t forfeit.  Let’s gear up for next year starting now.  One last note I’d like to add is that if you are in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, or Northwest and are looking to contribute here or looking to network feel free to hit me up.


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