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Chrysler Closings Based on Partisan Decision and Other Harbingers of Things To Come

By Caomhin

Thus is/was the true role of the “car czar?”  If it’s true I’m not too shocked to honest with you.  I can’t wait to see what Obama’s “energy czar” and “internet czar” do.  On a related topic, the Obama administration and media should look up was “tsar” is and stop obsessing over archaic Russian royalty titles.

If indeed Chrysler decisions were based on partisan politics, which would wouldn’t surprise me one single bit, then the media needs to get off Obama’s lap and stop licking him in the face for a little while and start reporting this.  It is highly unlikely to happen of course.  Follow the link though to keep up with all the updates.  The administration using political power to crush dissent? Check.  Seizure of personal property?  Check.  But not to worry, it’s not like they will do the same thing with GM right?  There’s no need to worry about the much larger and much more expansive and nearly suicidal cap and trade scheme either.

So while we’re alluding to Eminent Domain you’ll be glad to know that Sonia Sotomayor is right up Obama’s alley on the issue.   She too has no respect for personal ownership rights.  However, no one must question or oppose her nomination, after all, we’ve been told be be careful, which of course, could be taken as some sort of threat in most parts of the world.  Feel free to dig around to find some more information about the nominee.  I’m sure you’re already aware that she has no idea what the difference between the legislative and judicial branches of government.

So in addition to all this talk about a Value Added Tax being added to all sales in this nation (as a supplement to and not replacement of income tax), the seizure of private property, the government takeover of financial institutions and not allowing companies to opt out of the arrangements, these decisions being based on partisan politics and campaign contributions, cap and trade suicidal energy policies, new government posts to oversee even more aspects of everyday life, massive deficits, and out of control spending…..within the administration’s first five months….we really have nothing to worry out.  Except for the nuclear tests and missiles that North Korea seem to be shooting off with much more frequency lately and Iran’s speed up to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.  Don’t worry though, when Obama’s on his next Time magazine cover, probably in a few weeks, things should be looking up.  After all, it’s not as if the last time North Korea test fired missile, he just paid it some lip service and that strongly worded letter from the UN had no effect.


Daniel Hannan MEP

By Riss

Daniel Hannan is my new hero!

I wish one of our Congress Reps or Senators would have the melons to say this to Obama.  The UM and AH factor from our beloved President would be priceless.

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You Don’t Say

By Caomhin

The headline says it all, “Former Gitmo Prisoner Gets Taliban Promotion.”  You mean the people who were held at Gitmo were actually terrorists who wanted to destroy the United States and murder our fellow citizens who have volunteered to serve in our military?  Who could have seen that coming?

Where’s Code Pink at these days? Shouldn’t the be out screeching about this sort of thing in the streets of Afghanistan, reminding the terrorists that they are not actually terrorists and shouldn’t be murdering and torturing innocent Americans and Afghans?  Where’s the media outrage and coverage of this story?

The left wing of this nation howls wildly when Rush Limbaugh makes a stand and states that he does not want Socialist or statist to take root in the country, yet than can not come to terms to admit that President Bush did not fail when he told the world what type of people were being held at Gitmo, terrorist scum.  They of course, can not admit this, or else they’d be admitting that President Bush had taken the correct course of action in sending them to Gitmo in the first place.

Here’s a few little reminders for Obama.  First, don’t close down Gitmo, it appears that you may actually be coming around to realizing why it’s actually there in the first place.  Second, Mr. Hope and Change, start expressing some confidence in our troops in Afghanistan and in the Afghan people themselves.  Show true faith, like President Bush had in our troops and in the Iraqis.  Knowing people believe in you is a great motivator.  Third, don’t let Biden talk, at all, about anything, especially about Afghanistan (reference my last sentence…and the English language in general).  Finally, let me remind you, there is no “moderate” elements in the Taliban with which you can negotiate.

Ros-Lehtinen Sticks Up for America, Blasts UN

By Caomhin

It’ll be interesting to see how much coverage this story gets, but Ileana Ros-Lehtinen deserves a great deal of praise for standing up for the American Taxpayer and taking a UN official for task to referring to our nation as “the biggest deadbeat.” That is an utterly moronic statement.  As it stand we do far too much for the UN as it is and all we ever get in return are repeated slaps to the face.

I’m very happy that Rep. Ros-Lehtinen rose to the occasion to put this moron in their place.  In fact, you should really read the whole thing if you haven’t already done so.  She pulls no punches on them and it’s about time one of our elected officials did it, and in a clear, “no doubt about it” manner.  I’d hold out hope that there would be some type of reprisal from our government as a whole for such an outright slander against our citizens and our nation, but I think the odds of that occurring are slim to none.  In fact, I’m expecting Obama, Nancy, Hillary, Harry, and rest of the far left crew to start forming some sort of bailout bill for the UN sometime soon.  I’m also pretty confident our new Congress and Administration will further erode the rights of the individuals that make up our great nation and sacrifice more of our sovereignty by enacting the Law of the Sea Treaty.  It’s at least somewhat comforting to know that we have at least one elected willing to go on record and call out the UN in no uncertain terms.

We love China

By Riss

It’s insanely clear that Hillary loves her some fried wontons. Oh I declare…


“We have to incur more debt.  It would not be in China’s interest if we were unable to get our economy moving,” Clinton said.  Really Hillary?  It would be in our best interest to not be so tangled up with China if you really sat on the giant rear and thought about it for a hot minute…

Clinton also stated that “The US needs the investment in Treasury to shore up its economy to continue to buy Chinese products.”  UGH, so gross.

“I certainly do think that the Chinese government and central bank are making a smart decision by continuing to invest in treasury bonds,” she said during an interview with the show “One on One.” “It’s a safe investment. The United States has a well-deserved financial reputation.”  Haha, not so much Hillary! Right now the US looks like a bunch of freaks in a circus act to the rest of the world. I love that Hillary thinks that China owes us something, they don’t!  We owe them!  Maybe we can give Hillary up as a down payment?  Obama can throw Hilldawg under the bus and say, when we pay you back you can give her back.  What a smile that would bring to my face!  The sad thing is even China wouldn’t want her.  Clearly, all the drama our Messiah has brought to the table has made me lose my mind! AH!

Is anyone else as concerned as I am that we are in some serious debt with China?  We owe China so much money my head wants to roll off my neck.  China is the largest US Treasury holder with over $695 billion worth of securities in December. Creepy? YOU BET IT IS!  China is so invested in OUR country that even if they wanted to bail out on us, they can’t because they would take such a giant loss and their country would fail.  Fail even more then our already debt destroyed country.  Recently Luo Ping (head of China’s Banking Commission) said “the dollar is going to depreciate so, we hate you guys, but there is nothing much we can do.”

Great, I feel so much more relaxed that China hates us…not that we didn’t know they hate us, but our economic crisis is really inflating the hate.  It’s obviously clear that we need China more then they need us, so what happens when China gets fed up? Just a friendly reminder, China is a communist country which depending on how you look at it isn’t too far off from our almost Socialist country, so  maybe they will give us a free pass.  Maybe Obama and Hillary will be able to save us from the scorn China.  I guess this is where the Obama supporters come into play, they have so much HOPE that maybe it will be enough to make even China believe in the Messiah.

Doubtful…it will be interesting to watch this play out…my insides are burning.

On a side note, I find it to be insanely hilarious that Hillary went on a tour of Asia and Obama’s big international trip was to Canada. Generally it’s a president’s first trip, but I thought he was going to be the new cool President? Obama probably got some tips on socialism and on how the US and Canada can sing kum-bi-ya on global warming. That’s some change we can believe in. Just saying…

More Progress in Iraq

By Caomhin

Quietly, another milestone has been achieved in Iraq. The U.S. will begin to hand over suspected Iraqi combatants over to the Iraqi court system for trial; and the suspects’ innocence or guilt will be determined by the Iraqi system.  This is quite an achievement and another mile marker passed as Iraqi progresses into a more stable democracy.

We have already seen the Surge’s success in toning down violence and many deals being made among tribal and ethnic areas in Iraq as they move toward further reconciliation.  Support for insurgent groups has dropped dramatically and the Iraqis have seen a budget surplus from their government.  These are all very positive signs and points toward a much brighter future in Iraq.  For all the naysayers, in particular, people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the decisions by the Bush Administration to put Gen. David Petraeus in charge of the operations, to implement the Surge, and have faith in the Iraqi people are proving to have been very wise.

Conviction with Relation to Rwandan Genocide Long Overdue

By Caomhin
A United Nation’s court convicted Theoneste Bagosora of genocide for his role in the Rwandan Massacres in 1994.  While I am highly critical and skeptical of the UN at many times, I commend this decision, one that is long overdue.  The horrific events that transpired in Rwanda are unforgivable.  I remember hearing about the atrocities, and being 16, not truly understanding the scope and savagery until a little time later as I had done more research on the subject.  When I did, I was highly alarmed that the Clinton Administration had done little to prevent the slaughtering after it had begun.  It is still extremely disturbing to me to this day to know that we did not fulfill our duty in preventing this tragedy.
Those who know me know that I’m highly sympathetic to President George W. Bush, as he was dealt with an extremely difficult hand; one in which I believe he dealt with better than almost anyone could.  I have both praised and criticized him on a variety of issues.  One of these issues I’ve criticized the Administration is the Darfur situation, in which the Chinese have essentially stonewalled the international community from defending the people of that region from a genocide that has, unbelievably, been unfolding under the radar.  While no longer as prevalent in the news cycle as it had previously been the atrocities that have and are occurring in Darfur are a negative mark on the international community.  President Bush as achieved a great deal in Africa, his initiatives in the fight against malaria and AIDS have been incredible, but he should have held a firmer stance with regards to Darfur.
Africa faces many significant political problems, the situations in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, the ongoing piracy in Somalia, and significant Al-Qaeda operations within the northern part of the continent, notwithstanding.  The continent has now suffered two significant genocides in the last fifteen years and this must not be faced with lackadaisical reactions by the international community.  These atrocities must be stopped before they have a chance to occur; no matter when, no matter when.