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Hack Ties Support of Tax Cuts to Supporting Slavery

By Caomhin

James W. Loewen, in his article in the Washington Post, entitled, “Five Myths About Why the South Seceded,” added this gem to his article:

So poor white Southerners supported slavery then, just as many low-income people support the extension of George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy now.

Nice,  right?  This hack tries to equate lower tax rates to supporting slavery.  I can only imagine what he was smoking at the time he came up with that little ditty.  I suppose he doesn’t bother checking things like, oh I don’t know, facts.  Please refer to the chart on this previous post.  Oh those greedy people making between 26,250 and 32,550 in Adjusted Gross Income struggling to pay bills and feed their families and their 87% tax reduction from the Clinton tax rate they previously suffered from, they must be pro-slavery.  I wonder if Loewen even knows that the GOP was formed as an abolitionist party.  I wonder if he understands that the government does not own our incomes and our livelihoods or if he even cares.  What a hack.


Liberals Whine About Rasmussen

By Caomhin

Nothing is safe from Liberal rage.  Liberals have found a new enemy, the people who respond to polls conducted by Rasmussen.  Liberals believe there are flaws in Rasmussen’s methodology, most likely because, unlike partisan main stream media polls Rasmussen does not skew their results by oversampling Democratic voters.  Rasmussen is a non-partisan polling company that has been very accurate in nearly all of their polls, and their presidential poll came damn close to the actual result of the 2008 election results.  Yet, they’re bias and can’t be trusted according to liberals simply because Rasmussen doesn’t donate money and actively work for the Democrats…even though they don’t do either for Republicans either.

So what’s the main gripe?  Liberals are really, really mad at the founder and president of Rasmussen Reports, Scott Rasmussen because the Rasmussen Reports are showing that people have stopped drinking the Obama Kool Aid and are pretty pissed off that the government has decided to re-define the words deficit and spending.  Here’s some highlights from the Politico piece:

While Scott Rasmussen, the firm’s president, contends that he has no ax to grind — his bio notes that he has been “an independent pollster for more than a decade” and “has never been a campaign pollster or consultant for candidates seeking office” — his opponents on the left insist he is the hand that feeds conservative talkers a daily trove of negative numbers that provides grist for attacks on Obama and the Democratic Party.

“He’s been underpolling Obama all year,” said Boehlert. “People start thinking, ‘There’s something going on here.’”

His opponents are mad that…Rasmussen Reports have identified problems that voters have with the liberal dominated government.  So what’s the Democrats response?  Well it’s sure not, “hey, look, people are really mad at some of the stuff we’re doing, maybe we should listen to the voters.”  We all know that won’t fly.  Hell, if that were the case, they wouldn’t have pushed so hard for Obama Care.  One noted right wing polling outfit found that Americans opposed it by a margin of 27 percent, while another right wing lunatic organization showed that Americans opposed Obama Care by a margin of 7 percent.  Those organizations?  Quinnipiac and the Washington Post, widely loved by liberals everywhere.

The “daily trove of negative numbers,” are the result of Liberals actions, not of Rasmussen’s methodology.  In fact, even in polls known to skew heavily toward Democratic voters show that the Liberals are in trouble this year for spending money like a drunken college student at a bar with their first credit card.  As far as “underpolling Obama,” it doesn’t even dawn on liberals that their allies are over polling him.  Their egos are so gigantic that they can’t even comprehend the consequence of their actions in ignoring the electorate.  Maybe they should ask Ben Nelson, who was in a strongly competitive race in early polls for 2012 in Nebraska until he voted for Obama Care.  Now…he’s down by 30 points in recent polls.

Liberals won’t take strong principled stands against dictators or terrorists, but print something that shows Obama’s ineffectiveness, and watch out!  I can’t decide if it’s more amusing or pathetic, but it is what it is.  Either way, for every day that goes by, I take them less and less serious.

Media Bias Headline of the Year

By Caomhin

Not to mention delusional.  Not only is the headline stunningly insane, the context is as well.  Yet still, somehow, there are many a Democrat who think there is no such thing as media bias.  It’s called reality, my friends, the least you can do is acknowledge it.

If you can stand to read the entire article, you really start to get the sense that our friends on the Left really wish there wasn’t such pesky things as checks and balances preventing Obama from being ordained emperor of the United States.  Actually, you hear it all the time in discussions with many Liberals, calling the GOP “obstructionist,” blaming Congress for not just handing Obama what he wants, or anything else they think may keep Obama from just having supreme authority and having all the stars in the sky named after him.

The funny thing is, it’s not the GOP who is stopping him, it’s his own party. After all, the Democrats have a super majority and are essentially powerless to stop him.  It’s the American people’s opposition to his horrendous policies that have stopped moderate Democrats from fast tracking this nation’s ruin.  Obama has put us so far in debt, has contributed to what is, in my view, a criminal, politically fueled unemployment rate, and increasing encroaches on person freedoms, that Democrats with a sense of obligation and a moral compass aren’t blindly jumping on board with his plans.  Then again, maybe that’s too much credit for them.  Maybe they’re just looking for payoffs like Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

Obama Releases Special Statement on Fox News

By Caomhin

Unbelievable.  The administration has spent so much time crying exactly like this baby it diminishes the office.  Quite frankly it’s pathetic.  Obama has taken about 1% of the criticism George W. Bush took during his time in office and Obama can’t handle it?  At all?  Yet, we’re supposed to trust this administration to handle the economy (which we are still in the midst of a depression which we will recover from in spite of, not because of his debt exploding policies), Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue, his socialized health care plan, etc.?

This administration promised transparency and has yet to deliver even a sliver of it, all they’ve done is put up lead walls to prevent citizens to have any mechanism to see what’s going on.  Democrats have stonewalled attempts to allow legislation to posted on line for even a small time frame for citizens to investigate and understand, and they cry like soiled babies when someone dares to try to hold them accountable.  Again, this is pathetic.  If the administration is so terrified that they would panic and try to stop Major Garrett of Fox News from interviewing their socialist “pay czar,” imagine the paper mache spine they’ll show when it comes time to deal tough with Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.  Perhaps Obama should stop crying about Fox News time and time again and do something besides have Congress raise the national debt ceiling.

Comment Collecting at the White House

By Caomhin

Obama promised his Administration would the be the most transparent in the history of our nation.  That was on the campaign trail of course.  As we all know, campaign promises often turn out to be a nothing more than talk.  In this case, though, for a campaign and team of people so talented with their use of new media, their trolling of social networking sites to collect comments without notification should raise a few eyebrows:

The White House is collecting and storing comments and videos placed on its social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without notifying or asking the consent of the site users, a failure that appears to run counter to President Obama’s promise of a transparent government and his pledge to protect privacy on the Internet.

The proposal issued Aug. 21 calls for a contractor to “crawl and archive” social-networking Web sites where the White House maintains an official presence on seven networks: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare.

The collection will include the comments, tags, graphics, audio and video posted by users who don’t work for the White House.

It’s actually worth reading the whole article, and honestly, it’s something that I probably would have laughed off if a random person had told me this was going on.  But no, it’s the Washington Times reporting this and the most transparent, tech savvy Administration ever has no problem with this.  You hear this phrased a lot, but seriously, what if President Bush had done this?  What do you think the reaction would be?

New York Times Unveils Their Hardest Hitting Piece Ever

By Caomhin

You know this is gong to end up on Red Eye, right?  This is the kind of hard hitting journalism for which Pinch is renown.  Fear mongering 101, New York Times style.   To think, someone got paid big bucks for this.  So what is this Pulitzer quality story to which I’m referring?  “Dangerous Cows”.  Oh yes!

Remembering Tony Snow

By Caomhin

I remember watching Tony Snow on Fox prior to his accepting the post of White House Secretary under President George W. Bush.  I had found him to be quite insightful and very charismatic on the News Network and greatly enjoyed watching him.   He always seemed to be a very down to earth and caring individual and I found myself to be a big fan of his.  In his role in the White House he was incredible, and no disrespect to Dana Perino, but he was the best Press Secretary I can ever recall.  He cancelled the role, bringing his trade mark charisma and professional to a position that is very thankless and which is extremely difficult to perform.

Upon hearing news that he was ill, I wrote and email to him at the White House.  Now, I know the odds that it ever reached him are slim to none, and I do not recall the full text of the email, but it contained my thoughts on his professionalism, my appreciation, and my wishes for a full and quick recovery, letting him know that he was in my prayers.  Months later, I received an email, most likely a form letter, but given how hard of a working and how much he cared about people, who knows.  I can only imagine the volume of emails with well whishes that he had received but I’d like to share the response I received with you, as we fondly recall the life of Tony Snow:



Thank you for the wonderful email, and for including me in your


I have gotten hundreds of cards and emails from all over the country,

and I’m amazed and delighted by each and every one. The entire path of

my life over the last few years has taught me a very valuable lesson:

that blessings come in unexpected packages. Although I normally wouldn’t

consider cancer a blessing, it has brought forth acts of kindness from

friends and strangers-and helped me understand the real power of

kindness and concern. It is as if I had been hoisted on the shoulders of

others, who have taken up my burden, and raised me up, so I can look at

life from a new and wonderful perspective.

That’s one of the great things about being an American: people in this

country just want to do the right thing for others. And having been the

recipient of your kindness, I can assure you that I’m doing everything

in my power to learn from and emulate your example. Little gestures-a

call, an email, even a smile-can have enormous healing power, not just

on the person in need, but the person offering the encouragement. Isn’t

it great how we always feel better when we do the right things?

So thank you for strengthening my faith in the things that matter-and

from the bottom of my heart, thanks for taking the time to write to me.

What a great gift!

God bless,


Tony and his family remain in our prayers as we celebrate his life.  May God bless him and his family.