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ABC News Fail

By Caomhin

Everyone is familiar with the situation in Iran, this is the biggest story in the  world right now, with nearly every network reporting on the events from Tehran.  For those of you on Twitter, you should be checking out #iranelection, if you are not currently doing so (but I suspect that 99.9% of you are).  Twitter has been crucial for the Iranian people and for those of us seeking to keep on top of the events.

So with this immensely important story going on the guys over at Hotair pointed out MSNBC’s ridiculous programming  last night that consisted of re-runs of prison life.  Pathetic.  Fox and CNN (yes, CNN) did an excellent job of covering the news last night.  Also, we saw that Obama went out for ice cream while protestors were being shot at, showing great courage in the face of the evil Cookiepuss who is ruthlessly suppressing Fudgie the Whale and others.  Way to set that example Obama, I’m sure the people of Iran are on the edge of their seats awaiting whether you’ll get a Snickers or a Milky Way today while they again rise up for freedom.    Subsequently, Patterico has an excellent compare and contrast piece on Obama’s Big Ice Cream Adventure as reported by CBS and what was going on in Iran.  It’s a must read.

So while you may have thought that MSNBC and CBS were doing horrific jobs of reporting the news, well, worse than their usually steaming pile of trash, you may not have visited ABC News last night on the web.  Out of curiosity I decided to look at the homepages of each of the major networks last night, around 1:45 am EST.  All of them had at least a mention of the events in Iran, well, all but one.  ABC is so far in the tank for Obama that they are giving him his own infomercial (rumor has it Vince from the Shamwow commercial may be making a special appearance) that will not allow the opinions and ideas of those opposing Obama’s horrific plan to even appear in advertisements.  So with the biggest news story rapidly unfolding before our eyes, what did ABC’s home page look like?  Here is your answer: