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Obama to Grow Government, Step Up Regulation Ahead of Election

By Caomhin

Liberals and Democrats know they are going to get clobbered at the polls by the people of our great nation for exploding the deficit, weakening our economy,  expanding government, and reducing our freedoms.  All signs point to the Democratic Party doubling down and ramming through even more bills that a are highly unpopular with the American people and further harming our nation.  I suppose from their perspective they have nothing to lose, they know they are going to lose the House this November, and will lose a number of Senate seats as well.  Rather than listen to what the people want, they will only listen to what they want yet again.  In doing so, we will suffer the repercussions.

Obama is planning to revive the Cap and Tax bill, which will have long term implications for businesses and individuals.  This bill is nothing more than a broad based tax increase.  The results of this bill will be more bureaucratic red tape, barriers to market entry, increases in production cost, increases in consumer taxes, more expensive gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and other essential needs for Americans.  This bill will further the death grip that Obama Administration is attempting to put on our free market system when coupled with the health care bill and the other piece of legislation that he is pursuing, “financial reform.”

His “financial reform” bill is again, another attempt at a tax increase that will also allow for perpetual bailouts in the future.  Rather than listen to business leaders, member of the public, the GOP, and people from all walks of life, Obama is simply listening to liberals and hardened leftists for guidance on what types of reforms he will attempt to implement.  The changes he will seek will result in great harm to the American consumer, one in which fees and taxes will be passed directly on to banking and investment clients.  Liberals can pretend this will not be the case, but this is a lie, and they know it.

Obama recently mocked Tea Partiers by saying that he should be given credit for cutting taxes.  I suppose this is his lame attempt at humor.  Obama has raised scores of taxes thus far and he will continue to seek to expand the revenue and scope of the federal government.  We need a strong, fit, and efficient federal government for the good of the people, but Obama’s Administration has cast the government into a sea of debt, bloated the government, and harmed its efficiency, which of course, negatively impacts all Americans.  The Cap and Tax and “Financial Reform” bills are two more attempts by the Obama Administration to continue this trend, and unless we speak out and oppose these bills as they exist, we will continue to suffer well into the future for the action of self serving politicians with a penchant for power and control.


Shocker: Obama has No Plan to Deal with Nuclear Iran

By Caomhin

This should surprise exactly no one who has been paying attention to the developments with Iran since Obama became president.  Deadlines have come and gone, he has expressed no sense of urgency with regard to the Iranian drive to develop nuclear weapons, and Obama barely even seem concerned with the Iranian regime’s violent crackdown on the Iranian people after their sham of an election.  Now, further proof that Obama has no plan to deal with a nuclear Iran, or simply doesn’t care if Iran gets nuclear weapons:

Sen. John McCain renewed his call for the United States to “pull the trigger” on sanctions against Iran and more, after a memo from Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the White House warned that the United States lacks a long-term plan for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

Gates wrote the three-page memo in January and it set off efforts in the Pentagon, White House and intelligence agencies to come up with new options, including the use of the military, The New York Times said in its Sunday editions, quoting unnamed government officials.

Iran has made Obama look foolish on a number of occasions and despite Obama desperately seeking to become friendly and use his charm offensive on Tehran, he has essentially been mocked by Ahmadinejad and the Iranian dictatorship.  I’ve stated before in numerous posts that Obama has been the most anti-Israeli president we have ever had, and it’s no secret that he has insulted our closest allies from Great Britain to the Czech Republic to the Ukraine to Canada to Israel.  It is dismaying to me that he would throw Israel and the rest of the Middle East to the wolves by allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.  Bowing to foreign leaders has become Obama’s forte, most recently to the Chinese, and for his efforts he has weakened our position as a leader in the world.  It is our responsibility to speak up for the oppressed, defend human rights, and yes, stop the spread of nuclear weapons, especially to madmen who have already expressed that will have no reservations to use this weapons to fulfill their apocalyptic visions.  Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons and Obama and other world leaders need to come to the conclusion or they put the world at risk for catastrophe.

Obama Gearing up for Amnesty Push

By Caomhin

Once again confirming he does not care about the laws of our land, Obama is gearing up to seek an amnesty bill for those who are in our nation illegally.  Of course, the GOP’s biggest amnesty shill, Lindsey Graham is readily on board, which comes as no surprise.  Let’s get a few facts straight on “Immigration Reform.”

First, no one is opposed to LEGAL immigration, in fact, I support it whole heartedly.  We all came from somewhere and we are nation of immigrants.  We are proud of who we are and where we came from, of that there is no doubt.  However, there is a proper method by which one immigrates to this nation, and every person seeking to come here must follow the laws.

By definition, if you are not following the law, you are breaking the law.  Therefore, there should be nothing controversial about calling illegal immigrants criminal.  They know they are breaking the law and they choose to do so anyway, to pretend their actions are anything but illegal is foolish.

That being said, I have no doubt that many are coming here seeking a better life.  We are the best nation on the face of the Earth and throughout history, even if we are being assaulted from within by the forces of the radical left wing.  Everyone wants to come here.  That is why we have rules and regulations with regards to immigration that must followed.

Don’t think that I lack in empathy for those who long to come here but can not, I know their situations may be considered dire.  However, knowingly breaking the law demands that offenders be punished.  I can not simply walk into a store if I am broke and steal some food and expect to be celebrated or made into a martyr for doing so.  I would have broken the law, and I would expect justice to be served.  Yet, it is shocking to me that people are outraged when laws are enforced when it comes to immigration.  Demanding people follow the law of the land isn’t a matter of being “mean” or being “nice” it is what keeps order and keeps our nation functioning properly.

Certain reforms to immigration must be pursued, however, I sincerely doubt Obama will be seeking border security and enforcement as part of his reform.  I seriously doubt that deporting those who broke our laws to come here will be on his agenda.  No, given his stated positions and the backing of people like Schumer and Graham, it is pretty obvious that Obama is looking for a way to ram amnesty down our throats after he socializes our health care system and goes after the financial industry.  After all, he has already nationalized a large portion of the auto industry.   His agenda and goals are painfully obvious.

Unconstitutionally Selling Out America

By Caomhin

That’s pretty much how you can sum up what Congress is doing.  In the face of overwhelming opposition to Obama’s attempt to socialize health care in America, Democrats are spitting in the nation’s face as they solicit back door deals, carve up the Constitution, and use accounting tricks to hide the true cost of this disastrous bill.   New taxes are included on this bill as well, from manufacturers of health care products to a new Medicare tax that includes a monstrous marriage penalty (taxes start effecting individuals making $200,000 or more in a year and married couples with a combined income of $250,000 or more per year).  The IRS will swell in size as a result of this bill and will be used to force compliance by individuals to an unconstitutional mandate on how you choose to spend your money.

Also to be eliminated will the the large array of choices in health care plans that you have now.  Premiums will RISE as a result of this policy as you will no longer be able to choice plans that fit your need, but will be forced to choose plans that fit the government’s needs.  Many medical providers are promising to leave the market place as a result of this take over, which will reduce the supply, something that is not being taken into effect in any of these estimates.  As you know full well, when supply is sharply decreased, coupled with a sharp uptick in demand, prices will spike, and services will become more scarce.

This bill is a recipe for disaster.  However, even as it looks as like as if this bill will unconstitutionally pass the House, I have faith that the courts will strike this down for a multitude of reasons.  Here is something else of importance for you, the roll call on the Slaughter Strategy indicates the level of contempt that Democrats have for our Constitution.  Think of this not only as a roll call on shredding our nation’s most important document, think of it as a guide as to whom you should be voting out of office with enthusiasm in November if they voted “yes”.

The arrogance of Democrats to imply that Americans are stupid (when Congress is incapable of balancing a check book, let alone a budget, or understand the Constitution of our land) for opposing this statist take over of the health care industry is astounding.  It is with sheer disappointment that I am watching our nation be inflicted with such a wound as to have to deal with the legislation and tactics of this criminal Congress.  However, it is with sheer enthusiasm that I am looking forward to helping them oust them from office.

Obama Administration Preparing Human Rights Report on US for UN

By Caomhin

The Obama Administration is gearing up to start reporting to the UN on the status of human rights in the US.  This, of course, confirms what many us have long since argued, that the Obama Administration will slowly but surely begin an incremental hand over of our sovereignty to the UN, an ineffective, and many time corrupt organization.  The UN also has quite the track record of bashing the US and making a mockery of many things, chiefly among them…human rights.

The Obama administration’s decision to join the Human Rights Council was controversial. The Geneva-based, 47-member HRC faces numerous criticisms, chief among them the presence of countries with poor rights records. Iran is currently running for a seat on the council.

Because, of course, Iran is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of human rights.  Going back to my previous post, the UN is also quite anti-Israeli and has many, many, many, times blasted the US for not adhering the objectives of the UN.  Chiefly among their beliefs, apparently, is allowing Iran to beat and torture their citizens, falsify election results, and pursue nuclear weapons.  Of course, the food for oil scandals, the Law of Sea Treaty, and many other ridiculous and sovereignty killing actions and proposals have been largely anti-US in nature.  Never mind that, Obama has some dictators to impress.

“We’re going to spread out to the border areas,” Posner said. “We’re going to go to Detroit. We’re going to talk to people in this society who are on the front line of criticizing, whether it’s the criminal justice system, immigration policies or national security policies — no holds barred,” he said.

“We’re going to hear them,” Posner said. “We’re going to incorporate their thoughts and suggestions into a report to the U.N. And then we’re going to show up at the end of the year and present that report and get comments from other countries.”

But Austin Ruse, president of a United Nations watchdog organization, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, said the State Department’s process for preparing its report to the UNHRC may not be objective.

“It will give pretty left-wing groups a forum for criticizing the U.S.,” Ruse told That internal criticism will then end up at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Of course it is going to wind up in the UN and dictators and thugs like Ahmadinejad and Chavez chastising our nation.  This will also plays strongly into the far left policies in place by the current Administration and Congress as well.  Note well the immigration policies specifically being mentioned as well.  Obama has made clear that after he ruins and socializes our health care system he is going to pursue amnesty next.

Handing over our sovereignty to a corrupt and bias institution like the UN, who chiefly survives on funding provided by us, the taxpayers of this nation, is infuriating.  Many a conservative pundit had argued heading into the 2008 election that Obama would aggressively pursue and enact radical left wing agendas and despite overwhelming evidence and examples, the media is complicit in these acts.  It is not a secret the media leans to left, but I suppose it is my ignorance to believe that they did not lean quite this far to left as to allow Obama and his cohorts to act against the wishes of the American people so aggressively.  Obama campaigned on being a moderate and straight up scammed the American people.  This needs to be called and out and squashed immediately.  Under no circumstances will the American people stand for surrendering even an ounce of our rights nor our sovereignty.  This serves as yet another motivator and issue to pursue as we move towards the elections in November.

The Most Anti-Israel Administration of All Time?

By Caomhin

The more time passes the more this headline becomes crystal clear.  Our closest allies such as Britain, France, and Japan have all been severely let down, if not agitated by the Obama Administration, but Israel has been faced with an Administration that is constantly hounding them and seeking to curtail their ability to run their own nation.  As arrogant as they are, I cannot believe that the Administration is simply upset that Israel had announced settlement policies while Joe Biden was visiting the nation and have sought what they see as some sort of retribution in their mind for the timing of the announcement.  I may be inclined to think that if the Administration had not previously chastised Israel for they way they handle their internal matters.  Hillary Clinton blasted Israel for having the audacity to building homes for people to live in:

The length and unusually blunt tone of Clinton’s call underscored the administration’s concern about prospects for the negotiations it has been trying to organize for more than a year and its anger over Israel’s refusal to heed U.S. appeals not to make provocative gestures.

Everyone wants to see peace in the Middle East, I do not think that is a question here.  What is at question is to what we expect from each party.  What is apparent here is that the use of the phrase “provocative gestures” is clearly in tune with the way that the Arab States and the Palestinians see this.  A different phrase with less negative connotations would have served the Administration better if they were truly interesting in being an intermediary in the dispute rather than an active advocate for one side over the other.  The track record of the Administration, while not overtly pro-Palestinian, is however becoming clear to be “anti-Israeli.”

Once again I find my self in strong disagreement with Obama Administration in how they treat our strongest allies.  Obama has made it clear he wants to seek new relations with other states, but denouncing Israel at every turn, upsetting Britain over a number of issues, such as the Falkland Islands, and angering France over protectionism makes you wonder if he even respects our existing relationships.  I know if these thoughts are in my mind, there is no doubt it is in their minds as well.

Obama is destroying the American Dollar

By Caomhin

I have long since argued that the economic policies employed by the Obama Administration are foolish, reckless, and dangerous.  There have been many signs foretelling of a highly weakened American economy in the long term in part of Obama’s policies.  I have also stated that the American economy will strengthen in spite of, not because of, Obama’s economic policies.

Obama has accelerated the accumulation of federal deficit to astronomic proportions and most experts are forecasting deficits as far into the future as they can model. The deficit increased by $220.9 billion in February, the shortest month of the year, which if you do the calculations works out to a loss of $91,311.722 per second.  This is alarming at best, truly a devastating number.

It now appears that the Canadian dollar is poised to overtake the American dollar in strength by year end.  I recall many articles in the past when, for a short period of time the Loonie had gained parity or surpassed our dollar, it was sign of just how dire our economy was doing, and I mean this in disrespect to our great neighbors to the North.  For the second time now in two years, the dollar will drop below the value of the Canadian dollar.

Since the Democrats took control of Congress, the economy has suffered greatly.  We are still in the midst of a depression (again, the media does not have the stones to call it as such).  President George W. Bush was hardly the most fiscally conservative president we have ever had, and there is no excuse for him or the GOP adding to the national debt when the GOP had control of Congress, but nearly all economists had agreed that the debts that were accumulating were at least sustainable.  Since the Democrats have seized both Congress and the Executive branch the debt level has become unsustainable and we are racing towards a crisis the likes we have never seen before.

Obama’s policies, his insane spending levels, his assault on the private sector, including the auto, financial, and health care industries, coupled with his lack of foresight and leadership are leading us into what could become a death spiral.  His radical left wing agenda is moving our nation towards insolvency.  It is our duty in November to hit the polls and take down the radical left wing congress in order to restore sanity to our nation.  This is not an excuse to simply vote in a member of the GOP who will not adhere to strong fiscal conservative philosophies or are lacking in leadership skills.  We must use the primaries in order to ensure that those who are given the opportunity to seek office will address these problems before it is too late.  The American people have already stood up and said “No More!” it is time for our leaders to do the same.