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Ed Rendell STILL Trying to Raise Taxes

By Caomhin

Give Fast Eddie some credit, I suppose, when he is determined to do something, he won’t give up on it.  Of course, what he is determined to do is continue to harm Pennsylvanians by assaulting their bottom line while fattening up the commonwealth’s budget.  His new “budget” plan was announced today:

Under the plan, Rendell proposes reducing the state sales tax rate from 6 percent to 4 percent, but to extend it to 74 services and other transactions that are currently exempt, including professional laundry, candy, gum and personal hygiene products. His plan would keep intact some major exemptions, including those on groceries, clothing and prescription drugs.

He also is reviving tax increase proposals he has offered before, including extending the tobacco tax to cigars and smokeless tobacco and adding a new severance tax on natural gas extraction to capitalize on the exploration industry’s hot pursuit of the Marcellus Shale gas reserve.

Rendell really has it out for the natural gas industry and the ability of Pennsylvanians to heat their homes and live in comfort with lower energy bills.  His bitterness at keeping our homes at 65 degrees during winter is amazing.  However, for a full list of things he is looking to tax, have a look here.  Some highlights:

Caskets and Burial Vaults


Electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning service fees

Financial Institution Fees



Funeral Parlors, Crematories, and Death Care Services

Residential Electric Service


Really consider that list for a moment.  Rendell wants to tax you simply for living and dying.  Think about it.  We here in Pennsylvania heat our homes with either natural gas, coal, oil, wood, or electric, all subject to new taxes under his sub moronic plan.  We all use electricity, so that’s a double whammy for many and a sucker punch in the gut for the rest.  Want to buy an American Flag to proudly display outside your home?  Rendell would like you to pay extra.  Have a bank?  Fast Eddie would like a cut.  Like to learn?  He wants to tax your textbooks.  When you pass away he also wants to put the clamps on your family for taking care of your final expenses for honoring you with dignity and being paid your final respects.  There is nothing this man will not try to profit from and it’s disgusting.

For other budget “highlights,” feel free to click here.  This train wreck of a plan must be stopped at all costs.  This is a governor who could care less about the people of Pennsylvania and his contempt for us is clear.  Facing a budget crisis that he created, his reckless, idiotic, and frivolous increases in spending and taxes, have handicapped the ability of Pennsylvanians’ to increase their standard of living.  So badly has he damaged this Commonwealth’s finances, that he is begging for money from the federal government, looking to tax nearly everything in existence, and has caused financial problems that will hound us for years.  His casino plans were a disaster, what should have been something to benefit Pennsylvanians has done little for us.  He doesn’t even have the common decency to keep spending flat facing a “fiscal tsunami” that he created by keeping spending flat and making difficult cuts because he is too much of a coward and incompetent to do so.  Come November, when I have the honor of voting in a Rendell-free election, knowing full well that no matter what happens, Fast Eddie will be leaving Harrisburg shortly, then I’ll breathe a bit easier.  Until then, I will not stand idly by as Rendell attempts to further damage our great Commonwealth.


Rendell Still Refuses to Give up on Dream of Raising Taxes

By Caomhin

Hardcore liberal seeks to raise taxes, and again, it is met with anything but surprise.  I don’t know why Rendell has it out for the natural gas industry in particular, but he wants a tax on natural gas extraction like he wants a cheesesteak.  I’ve blogged on this issue at least a few times before, and that may be an understatement.

After bids for six tracts of state forest land came in over twice what the state had budgeted, Gov. Ed Rendell renewed calls for an extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale, a natural gas source deep under the Pennsylvania surface.

Think of the logic behind Rendell’s thinking here.  The state received bids that came in twice what they project, which is more revenue than they had planned on receiving, and he immediately calls for…a tax increase.  Let’s rephrase that, the Commonwealth received nearly twice the amount of money they were expecting from to a competitive bidding process and Rendell wants even more money.  Nothing will satisfy this buffoon short of signing yet another tax increase and I have no idea why he wants to raise costs on consumers (which is precisely what his idiotic tax idea will do) especially when the economy is hurting so badly, in part in the Commonwealth because of his ineptitude, and nationally because of Liberal policies that are choking out any potential growth.  I probably can’t properly put into words how badly I’m itching to vote for a new governor and to see this tool pack his bags and get the hell out of Harrisburg.

Tom Corbett talks Cornhusker Kickback

By Caomhin

In yet another prime example of why I’m excited to help him become the next governor of our great Commonwealth, Corbett talks about the deal bribe that Ben Nelson solicited for his vote on Obamacare.  This link takes you over to Fox News to watch the clip of Corbett’s discussion about this issue, in which he sticks up for Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation as well, while highlighting the unconstitutional nature of this provision.

To sign up for campaign updates or to help Tom out, head on over to his website. Let’s work hard to ensure Pennsylvania gets the kind of governor we deserve, one who cares about the people of this Commonwealth and who will restore confidence in Harrisburg.

Josh First takes on Tim Holden in PA-17

By Caomhin

Reading this short article from Pennlive got me a bit fired up.  I’m definitely liking Josh First:

“Tim Holden has proven himself to be a liberal enabler of Nancy Pelosi’s anti-American policies. He voted for Pelosi to be Speaker of the U.S. House, and his ensuing 96 percent voting record with Pelosi proves that Holden is a liberal Trojan Horse, right here in the heartland of America. Right in one of the most conservative, all-American regions of our great nation we have one of the most Liberal elected officials,” said First.
“Holden is no moderate, he is as liberal as any liberal holding office today in America. Heck, compare his record with Congressman Chaka Fattah, who has a 98 percent voting record with Pelosi, and Fattah is from Philadelphia. They’re nearly the same,” said First.

Mr. First is deadly accurate here, and while I don’t know too much about him yet, the first impression is awesome.  Let me share a little story about Holden with you.  During the run up the House of Representative’s vote on Obama Care, I called every representative in Pennsylvania.  All of the Democrats D.C. offices, to their credit, were at least cordial to me on this particular issue, even if they were blowing me off.  Holden’s office, though, was not.

The bill hadn’t quite been out for more than 24 hours or so (and before amendments were added) when I called and the woman who answered the phone was not exactly happy to take my call.  After raising my concerns she essentially lied about what was and what was not in the bill (such as money for abortions, tax increases, the public option, the exchange, etc) she said “you’re not from our district so you don’t know that Rep. Holden reads every bill that he votes on.”  I explicitly asked if he would read the health care bill and the response was that “he already had.”  So either Rep. Holden is a talented speed reader or he didn’t take the time to understand it, or most likely, she was lying to me.  When I tried to ask follow up questions, she was quite flustered and the conversation did not need to be extended.  After this incident I looked a bit more closely at Holden’s record and noticed that his voting record was very far to the left on many, many issues, even as he claims he is a Blue Dog.  So yes, I’m going to pay close attention to this race.

Rendell, Synonym for Tax and Spend

By Caomhin

Seriously, if there is anyone in Pennsylvania (besides Rendell’s cronies in Philadelphia) who isn’t counting down the days until Fast Eddy is out of office, I don’t know them.  Honestly, I don’t know a single person who can’t wait until he leaves Harrisburg.  Perhaps then he will have a reason to not fulfill the duties of governor and do some sports broadcasting.  Everything this guy touches turns into a disaster, it’s the opposite of the Midas touch.

So what’s Ed Rendell up to these days?  Well, you already know, but Rendell is still chasing his dream, one that will hurt Pennsylvanians even more as Governor Fail heads out of office.  That dream?  To raise taxes and the cost of living on every Pennsylvanian:

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell will press for another increase in public school funding and a tax on natural gas production when he presents his last state budget in February.

But the Democrat wouldn’t say today whether he will use his final year in office to try to head off a fiscal “tsunami” that he warns is headed toward Pennsylvania after his term ends.

True indeed, Rendell has seriously destroyed the Commonwealth’s balance sheet and he has single handedly caused many, many, of the issues facing our beloved Commonwealth today.  Yet, despite his warning that he has so seriously destroyed our state’s finances that he’s calling it a financial “tsunami”, he is looking to….raise taxes and increase spending.  It’s bad enough that our state sits on enough coal to be self sufficient in power generation that we aren’t allowed to touch, now this clown is trying to raise the cost of production (which we all know will be passed on to consumers) of natural gas, yet another energy source that we have in abundance, but damned if we can’t make our lives a little better without the government getting fat off our labor.  It’s a joke.  As far as school funding, our school performed at a higher rate before Captain Cheesesteak took the reigns of the office.

Say what you want about Tom Ridge, hell I’m a conservative and I’ve had some issues with him, but as a governor, he did great with our state.  We weren’t facing a financial calamity as we are now.  I think the unwritten rule of politics is that if a Liberal takes control of the Executive Branch, you are in for a world of hurt.  Try and prove me wrong on that.  California, Massachusetts, New Jersey (who thankfully elected Chris Christie to try and at least minimize the destruction of that state done by Jon Corzine), etc., all have imminent financial crises.  Don’t say Gov. Terminator either, he’s a liberal when it comes to financial matters.  Look our nation right now, Obama, king liberal, is in charge, and what has he done so far?  Spent nearly $2 Trillion in less than 1 year, is on the verge of socializing our health care, which will send that bill skyrocketing, and is slowly but surely turning the US dollar into monopoly money.

You want a functioning, financially health government?  You may or may not get it with a member of the GOP or the Libertarians (there are some great holder of public trust out there and believe me, I will be covering that in detail soon enough), but you sure as hell won’t get it with a liberal.  Keep that in mind next time you vote.  If you value things like getting medical treatment, heating your home, having a job, being able to keep enough of your paycheck to maybe buy a pizza once a week, then don’t vote for a liberal.  If it helps, just think of Ed Rendell or Obama reaching their grubby little hands into your pockets, opening your wallet, taking your cash, and saying, “it’s ok baby, it’s all Bush’s fault anyway,” and then lighting the cash on fire, because, really, it’s what they’re doing anyway.

Ed Rendell Only Wants Tax Hikes

By Caomhin

Even as some Republicans cave and agree to tax increases on businesses, cigarettes, and move toward the legalization of table games under the proposed “bipartisan” budget proposal, Ed Rendell is vowing to threatening to veto any bill that does not allow him to raise personal income taxes, and maybe even sales tax.  This guy is unreal.  He is by far the absolute worst governor in the history of Pennsylvania, he has undermined economic growth, already has imposed staggering tax increases on the citizens and businesses of Pennsylvania, and skirts his duties by providing color commentary on Eagles games on Comcast, a practice he has refused to end despite his lack of leadership on crafting a balanced budget that stays within the means of collected revenue.  He can not and will not accept anything that does not allow him to further harm Pennsylvanians.

Ed Spendell is the prototypical liberal.  The only thing this guy knows is tax and spend.  Well that and hooking up his buddies and his old cronies in Philly.  The only silver lining is that we get to choose his replacement next year.  I can’t wait until this trainwreck is out of office and we go about solving the problems that face Pennsylvanians.   In the GOP primary we will have two solid options, Jim Gerlach  and Tom Corbett.  As of now I’m leaning toward Tom Corbett as he has been an incredibly effective Attorney General who has vigorously prosecuted many corruption cases.  The countdown is on until Spendell is gone and we should, under no circumstances, allow his irresponsible policies to further sandbag the Commonwealth even after he leaves office.

Michael Vick Eagles Jerseys Now on Sale

By Caomhin


In related news, Ed Rendell, who refuses to let go of his dream to raise taxes on millions of hard working Pennsylvanians…again….took time out of his busy cheesesteak eating, tax scheming schedule to comment on the Vick signing.  For those who are lucky enough not to have to deal with him, he likes to spend more time talking about the Eagles and Phillies rather than, you know, doing his job.  In the middle of a budget crisis he wants to play color commentator.  Fondly recall, if you will, this story:

On the day his car was traveling at an average trip speed of 99 mph on a stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in western Pennsylvania, Gov. Ed Rendell was in Philadelphia all day doing television interviews and sportscasting, the governor’s office said.

Rendell spokesman Chuck Ardo was at a loss this morning to explain the reason why a state trooper drove the governor’s car at such fast speeds last October, and said they were looking into it.

That’s pretty much Rendell in a nut shell.  In other news, at least he has hired a new press secretary with strong connections to Vincent Fumo to join others already working for Rendell who also worked for Fumo.  This was announced a whole 2 days after Federal authorities plan to appeal the light sentence Fumo received for his vast, blatant corruption. Rendell had also written a letter on behalf of Fumo seeking leniency before his sentencing.