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Keep Bin Laden’s Demise in Perspective

By Caomhin

A week ago today the American people and the world were notified by President Obama that United States forces had killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.  For a short period of time Americans were united once again in the face of evil.  Political posturing, of course, became apparent as the week progressed. 

I would like to take a moment to point out a few truths regarding the elimination of the head of Al Qaeda.  First, the praise for this operation should be given to the Administrations of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The intelligence gathered as a result of changes implemented by President Bush led directly to the location and subsequent killing of bin Laden.  In the face of immense criticism from the left, the media, and from entities outside of the United States, President Bush had the fortitude and foresight to revamp our intelligence communities and to continue to War on Terror and our engagement in Afghanistan. 

President Obama continued many of Bush’s policies and increased efforts in one area in particular, that being drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas.  It is no secret that I am critical of Obama, that I strongly disagree with him in many matters.  However, I would not be honest if I were to say that Obama has done poorly as it relates his efforts in dealing with threats emerging out of Pakistan.  Obama made the right call in sending in our forces to Abbottabad and he should be given credit for green lighting the mission.

I disagreed with the tenor and the structure of Obama’s speech, specifically that continual use of first person persona.  I find it discomforting the way that certain liberal commentators and websites used this victory for political means.  That is not to say that a majority of our friends on the other side of the aisle have behaved, clearly they have not, but a small minority have done so and do so in a very loud fashion. 

One thing I do want to relate is that the death of bin Laden, while hugely symbolic, is not the end of the War on Terrorism or terrorism in particular.  I know this is widely understood but it cannot be understated.  Al Qaeda did not die the moment that bin Laden died.  Iran did not stop funding Hezbollah in that moment.  Abu Sayyaf did not cease operations.  The enemies of freedom did not stop their hatred of free society because our courageous men and women killed a monster in the service of our nation.

We must be vigilant going forward.  We must keep bin Laden’s death in perspective.  We must understand that we are all responsible for the security of our nation and that politics should take a back seat to keeping our great land free and safe.  Without a strong military and intelligence services we put every single person in our nation at risk.  We can celebrate this victory but we must remain ready, willing, and able to delivery more victories. 


You Would Think the Left and Right Could Agree about Assange

By Caomhin

Sadly, I am mistaken in that belief.  Unbelievably, the city of Berkeley is considering a measure to declare Bradley Manning a hero.  Manning, for those who may not be aware, is the person responsible for stealing classified documents and providing them to Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  Assange has paid for documents whether legally or illegally acquired and has been using these documents as a means to fight battles rather than simply exercise the right of freedom of speech.

For all intents and purposes Assange had and continues to have bounties out in information that he can use to damage people that he disagrees with.  When considering this case, you must keep in mind the fact that information is being purchased by Assange for reasons which are not simply to inform the public but rather to damage entities and individuals.  As further evidence that Assange and his associates are not the protagonists in this situation you need to look no further than to the DOS attacks on a variety of websites ranging from MasterCard to Sarah Palin’s website.  For the record, I am not a huge Sarah Palin supporter, in fact, I will be torn in 2012 as to whether to support Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels, or Tim Pawlenty but that is another story.

So what was MasterCard’s great sin?  MasterCard decided to disallow donations to the Wikileaks website.  That’s it, that is all that they did.  Sarah Plain’s great sin was to criticize the website and it’s founder.  The same is true of the White House, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, and others with whom I have frequently disagreed.  The great sin of all of these individuals was their exercise of their right to free speech and sharing their views on the Wikileaks situation.  Delusional and messianic supporters began attacking those who do not share their view points.  The actions they have partaken in are a form of cyber terrorism and their past actions have put countless lives on the line across the globe.

There is no doubt that Assange considers America an enemy.  That much is clear by his actions.  Obama has handled this situation in a reasonable fashion and I applaud him for doing so.  I sincerely hope that he is taking steps to prevent situations like this from arising in the future and I hope that those plans are being implemented quickly and effectively.  I have disagreed with Obama on many, many occasions, but when it comes to our collective security with regards to Wikileaks we all need to work together on this issue.

Amazingly, however, the far left and the very far right seem to look upon this man as a hero.  I fail to understand the logic behind such thinking.  He has endangered countless lives, has named individuals who summoned tremendous courage to help fight the war on terror, and has slowed the flow of information that would help prevent another terrorist strike, not just in America, but in any number of nations.  Additionally, their subsequent actions that have the intent of silencing their critics make clear that their intentions are not pure.

8 Years After

By Caomhin

I honestly can not believe it has been eight years since monsters committed these atrocities against our fellow citizens, our neighbors, our families, our loved ones.  Politics and time seem to have taken focus away from what occurred eight years ago today.  To harbor such evil in one’s heart to callously plan out and commit such horrific acts is incomprehensible to you and I, and yet, these animals did just that.  They viciously murdered thousands of men and women indiscriminately and celebrated these vile attacks.

We must always remain on guard and we must stand ready to defend our fellow Americans from such acts of evil and to prevent extremists from acting upon their evil intentions.  I can not tell you how many prayers and well wishes that each of us have said and done in honor of the victims of these barbarians.  I ask that each of us continue to pray for them and for the victims of all such acts of evil.  We must never forget the preciousness of each and every human life.  We must never forget and we never will.  The victims of 9/11 are forever in our hearts, our prayers, and our lives.

That which divides us is not as strong as that which unites us.  No politics today for me, we are all Americans, and we all mourn the loss of so many bright lights eight years ago.  That’s the only way I can think to describe the men and women who suffered tragedy that day.  The world has not been as luminous ever since.

You Don’t Say

By Caomhin

The headline says it all, “Former Gitmo Prisoner Gets Taliban Promotion.”  You mean the people who were held at Gitmo were actually terrorists who wanted to destroy the United States and murder our fellow citizens who have volunteered to serve in our military?  Who could have seen that coming?

Where’s Code Pink at these days? Shouldn’t the be out screeching about this sort of thing in the streets of Afghanistan, reminding the terrorists that they are not actually terrorists and shouldn’t be murdering and torturing innocent Americans and Afghans?  Where’s the media outrage and coverage of this story?

The left wing of this nation howls wildly when Rush Limbaugh makes a stand and states that he does not want Socialist or statist to take root in the country, yet than can not come to terms to admit that President Bush did not fail when he told the world what type of people were being held at Gitmo, terrorist scum.  They of course, can not admit this, or else they’d be admitting that President Bush had taken the correct course of action in sending them to Gitmo in the first place.

Here’s a few little reminders for Obama.  First, don’t close down Gitmo, it appears that you may actually be coming around to realizing why it’s actually there in the first place.  Second, Mr. Hope and Change, start expressing some confidence in our troops in Afghanistan and in the Afghan people themselves.  Show true faith, like President Bush had in our troops and in the Iraqis.  Knowing people believe in you is a great motivator.  Third, don’t let Biden talk, at all, about anything, especially about Afghanistan (reference my last sentence…and the English language in general).  Finally, let me remind you, there is no “moderate” elements in the Taliban with which you can negotiate.

Pennsylvania Deserves Better than John Murtha

By Caomhin

Pork loving, Marine and Western Pennsylvania slandering, John Murtha has made yet another incredulous statement when he went on record to say that he would have no problem to bring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to his district (PA-12).  Murtha is completely out of touch from reality if he truly believes that Pennsylvanians are receptive to bringing enemy combatants from the facility in Cuba to our Commonwealth.  While I am located in the Eastern portion of the Commonwealth, no one that I have had contact with here wants these terrorists in our back yard.  The contact that I have had with people from the Western portion of our state have no intention of opening their back yards to these people either.

Murtha’s vantage point here is easy to dissect.  His constant funneling of federal dollars into his district get him votes, even when he goes out and calls the great people from Western Pennsylvania “racist” and “redneck.”  Murtha sees another opportunity to bring federal tax dollars into the district as way to “stimulate” the economy.  Rest assured any job creation from this effort will be seen in his next campaign add.

Unbelievably, he lacks foresight as well as the understanding of how these people operate.  Former detainees that were subsequently released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to the battlefield, have become leaders to the al-Qaeda network, and continued to wage war against the American citizens.  Entering these people into the prison system in Pennsylvania makes the system much more dangerous while allowing terrorist scum an opportunity to spread their propaganda of hate.

2010 seems like a long way off, but in reality, it is not.  The grassroots efforts of people across this Commonwealth demand accountability, respect, and common sense from our leaders.  John Murtha has not shown any of these traits for quite some time. Bill Russell’s website will be re-launching in February and has already announced his intention to run again, in order to restore true leadership to the 12th Congressional District to the Commonwealth.