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Obama Administration Believes Americans Don’t Care About Unemployment Rate

By Caomhin

Re-election trumps all for this administration. That is essentially all that I can reasonably deduce from two administration members claiming that Americans do not care about the unemployment rate. This sentiment is astonishingly foolish and callous.

Americans most assuredly care about the unemployment rate, currently at 9.2%. You will recall that Obama’s massive “stimulus” plan which increased the deficit nearly $1 trillion dollars was enacted to keep unemployment from reaching 8%. That plan failed in a spectacular fashion and so now it aapears that the administration is spinning wildly and apparently out of control. There may be a number of issues that Americans do not care greatly about, but rest assured, unemployment is not one of them.


Rest In Peace Alexander Haig

By Caomhin

We lost a true statesman today, a great man, and a great American.  Our prayers are with his family at this time.

Looking at 2010

By Caomhin

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a great celebration last night and kicked off the new year in style.  My best goes out to all of you, your family, and friends.

We have many reasons to be excited about 2010 from a political standpoint.  Here in Pennsylvania, we are looking forward to electing a new governor, and I am fully backing Tom Corbett in this election.  While Jim Gerlach is a fine individual, Tom has been a wonderful attorney general and has served the people of our Commonwealth in an exemplary fashion.  He has earned my trust and I look forward to seeing him elected governor.

Pat Toomey will be the next senator from Pennsylvania, and it is with great anticipation that I await the opportunity to vote for Pat.  He is exactly what who we need representing us and the people of Pennsylvania will be proud to have him in Washington on our behalf.  I am confident that the rest of this nation will benefit from Pat’s convictions and will find him to be the kind of leader we desperately need in this nation.

I’m looking forward to helping friends in New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Nevada, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, among others with their efforts to help put this nation on the right track.  I look forward to fully unveiling our new Reagan’s Regiment project.  There is much work to be done but it with great anticipation that I look forward to making this all happen.

On a persona note, as some of you know, I am now engaged to Marissa and I couldn’t be happier.  We bought our first house in November and we’ve been working like crazy on getting settling, and yes, all those stories people tell you about the work never being done are true, but is so worth it.   We are also expecting our first child in late May.  As of now the doctor’s are 90% sure it will be a baby girl.  We’ve truly been blessed in our lives and I thank God everyday for all that He has given us.  All of this helps me to resolve to be a better person, to work  harder, and to keep my focus in life.

God bless you all and our great nation.

Status Update

By Caomhin

We’re still here, it’s just been a very busy time, lots of big things going on for us right now.  We’ll be back to our normal volume soon along with some very exciting updates for everyone.  In the interim, I’ll be sure to try and put some posts up soon.  Anyone who needs to get in contact with us please do so through Twitter, Facebook, or our email address at:

Thanks again for all the well wishes!

I Will Never Forget


I have had tears in my eyes since the clock struck midnight.  Do you remember what you were doing at midnight on September 11, 2001?

I can’t, all I can remember is over sleeping and waking up to 40 missed calls and voicemail messages.  I was suppose to be in the city that day, the city that I have admired since I was a little girl.  I was going to the city partly for leisure and also because I was thinking of transferring to a different location for work which was a block away from the towers.  I remember thinking someone had died…I felt immediately ill.  I began listening to the frantic messages from my mother and I turned on the TV only to see a replay of what I had slept through…I fell to my knees.  I called my mother and said, “I am home, I overslept.” and hung up the phone.  I couldn’t really speak, I was in shock like every other American.

I sat watching the news for atleast an hour, I really thought that it was all just a bad dream…at the age of 20, I was still rather naive and thought that America was invincible.  Thinking back, when I was 20, I didn’t realize that America was hated by so many.  I didn’t think we were hated at all.  I definitely didn’t know that people hated us so much to fly our planes into our towers and kill our people.  When the towers fell to the ground, I fully realized that America would be changed forever.

We can never forget the brothers and sisters that we lost in NYC, DC and PA.  We can never forget the acts of heroism of the first responders, the people that were running in while everyone was running to get out. We can never forget the feeling we felt on 9/11 and the weeks to follow.  Remember when We The People held hands together and worked together to do what we could to help? Do you remember that brief time when we were all just Americans and nothing else mattered because we were standing together?   We can never forget that United We Stand.  We can never forget September 11, 2001.  And, I, will never forget that by God’s will, I overslept.  I will never forget.

All Children Left Behind

By Caomhin

Or at least left out of the White House.   Though I suppose letting hundreds of children cry because Obama didn’t have the time for them or care that 6 year olds took a planned bus trip to the White House, and were full of excitement to visit,  and were then turned away is probably some sort of grand metaphor for their reaction to the first paycheck they’ll ever get years from now under the Democrats tax and spend ambitions, this was just insane.  I mean really.  Look, I know a lot of people have touched on this issue, but I just want to make two points.  First, do you really think the Pittsburgh Steelers players would have cared if they would have to stay late on their trip there, or wouldn’t have enjoyed, I don’t know, co-mingling with the young kids?  Wouldn’t that have been great for those kids?  Meeting with the President and the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers?  I know if I was a kid, that would have thought that was really cool.  Do you think for a minute that Troy Polamalu wouldn’t have been rolling on the White House Lawn with a few of those kids?  They would have had a blast.  But, nah, let’s let them sit at the gate crying because, really, when is there ever traffic in the D.C. area?

The second point I want to make about this was that even if Barack wasn’t able to meet with those kids, where was Michelle?  Where was Oprah’s so called “greatest first lady ever” at?  She’s even more over-rated and hyped up than Barack, and that’s no small feat.  Though given their extremely liberal stance on abortion (rhetoric is one thing, but his voting record in the Illinois legislature and the US Senate are the real proof about how he feels on the issue) you’d think that since they had the the grand luck of actually leaving a  womb they would have at least tried to accommodate the kids in some way.  Even throwing them a bone in Biden would have been cool.  They could have eaten ice cream together.


The Obama’s only care about photo ops but I suppose TOTUS could only handle one event at a time, putting two prepared speeches on his plate at the same time would have probably caused him to crash, thus embarrassing his Press Secretary, Barack Obama.  Oh well.  But you know it’s bad when an NBC affiliate calls you out and provides the greatest photo captioning ever.


Prayers for Barbara Bush

By Caomhin

Good news, as Barbara Bush is resting comfortably and in good spirits after undergoing successful heart surgery.  Mrs. Bush has always been one of the classiest and most honorable people who have been visible in the political world. I am very happy to hear that her surgery went well and that both she and 41 are in good spirits.  We should keep her and the family in our prayers as she continues to recover from the surgery.