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Obama’s Disturbing Position on Honduras

By Caomhin

I see no reason to sugar coat the headline for this article, as it is painfully obvious to those following the situation closely in Honduras.  If you’re not familiar with how the events leading up to the “coup” went down, please check out this story for some background.  If you’re limited on time (believe me I know how you feel) I’ll try to recap briefly.

Honduras’ disposed president, Manuel Zelaya was Constitutionally bound to a one term limit. The process by which the Constitution is amended under Honduran law is through the Congress.  The Constitution of Honduras then became a hindrance to Zelaya who sought to put on a spectacle and rig a vote by referendum, complete with ballot boxes being provided by Hugo Chavez and which would hold no authority under Honduran law. The Chief of the Armed Forces in Honduras refused to comply with Zelaya’s illegal actions and was promptly fired by Zelaya.  The Supreme Court of Honduras ruled Zelaya’s firing of the head of the armed forces illegal (as he was upholding the Constitution of Honduras and the orders of the Honduran Congress, who also recognized Zelaya’s actions as illegal and moved to halt his “referendum.)  Add to this the fact that his arrest was ordered by the Attorney General and his own political party also recognized his actions as illegal and had already nominated their candidate in accordance with their constitution and what is transpiring is crystal clear.  All the branches of the Honduran government had a hand in stopping Zelaya’s clear ambition and move to impose a dictatorship upon Honduras.  It is also critically important to note that upon acting on the orders of the government by arresting and sending Zelaya into exile, the military’s role in this movement ended there, with the other branches of the government remaining in tact and in charge.

Leftist dictators such as Chavez, the Castros, as well as Ortega are all openly advocating for Zelaya for obvious reasons.  In fact, it now appears that Zelaya has been outed as a participant in drug trafficking.  The actions that the Hondurans have taken are not those of a dictatorship, these are the actions of those upholding their constitutional duties and of liberty.

Enter our apologist in Chief.  At Chavez’s behest, Obama has moved swiftly to back Zelaya and has even afforded him the opportunity to come to Washington to meet with US officials in order to prop him up and continue Zelaya and Chavez’s dream of getting him to become dictator of Honduras.  It is unfathomable that our nation could be used in such a fashion, but yet it appears that is exactly where we are at.   Making this even more difficult of a situation is the fact the Zelaya is vowing to return to Honduras, knowing with 100% certainty that violence will occur when he does so (also important to note, there are rumors of a Venezuelan invasion into Honduras) as he will be promptly arrested.  I wonder what Obama will do then.

Hopefully Zelaya says something that hurts Obama’s ever so fragile ego to force Obama into supporting the right side in this conflict much as Ahmadinejad had made negative comments about Obama with regards to Iran.  I’m fairly confident that if Ahmadinejad had not said something personally about Obama that Obama would have kept quiet as kept about the brutality the Iranians are inflicting on their own citizens in the aftermath of their rigged elections.  He needs to be provoked to defend freedom and liberty, something that should come naturally to any man, woman, or child.  His silence was deafening in Iran, he even as he ran out for ice cream while protestors were being murdered in the streets by the regime.

Fast forward to present and rather than simply repeating his mistake by not voicing an opinion in support of people struggling for freedom, he goes a step further, actually looking to PUT a dictator into place.  Unbelievable.  You should also take some time to read this article, but here’s a section about new Honduran president Roberto Micheletti:

“That is why I want to make a call to our allies in the United States, that they should stick with us at this very important moment in the life of the country,” Micheletti said. “The economy of our country is completely destroyed — because of the acts of the former government. If aid [from the United States and Europe] keeps coming, we will show that every little penny that we borrowed will be spent for the people of this country.”

Micheletti promised that Honduras would hold presidential elections in November and that a new president would take office in January. Micheletti, who is a leader of the Liberal Party, the same party that Zelaya belongs to, vowed that he would not run for president.

Micheletti also said that Zelaya is a master at bending world opinion his way. Another source in the government here said that Zelaya actually was wearing a crisply ironed dress shirt when he was sent into exile in Costa Rica, but that he changed to a white T-shirt to show how he was hustled out of his official residence at dawn while still in his pajamas.

Senior Obama officials said that an overthrow of the Zelaya government had been brewing for days and that they worked behind the scenes to stop the military and its conservative, wealthy backers from pushing Zelaya out. That the United States failed to stop the coup gives anti-U.S. leaders such as Chávez room to use events in Honduras to push their vision for the region.

A few things I want to leave you with to consider.  First, simply for comparison purposes, how egregious would Obama’s actions be for the Supreme Court, the US Military, Congress, and the Democratic Party to move to take him out of office?  Tremendously, tremendously horrible one would surmise, it is almost inconceivable that particular recipe would unfold, and yet it did in Honduras.  It would be the equivalent of removing Obama from office and inserting Joe Biden into office.  That should tell you all you need to know about Zelaya.  Second, what in God’s name are Obama officials doing blaming conservatives and “wealthy backers” in Honduras for what’s going on in the nation?  That is downright insane, and yet, he’s doing just that, using the same exact rhetoric as Chavez uses.

They then proceed to say that the coup strengthens Chavez’s position as opposed to recognizing that Zelaya will be yet another dictator aligned with Chavez.  That bit is particularly disturbing to me on many levels.  Not only did they leave out the actions leading up the actions that I had previously summarized including the removal of Zelaya being backed by the Congress, Supreme Court, and his own political party, but it also shows that they attempted to usurp Honduras’ right to self determination and the Honduran Constitution.  Finally, it begs to be said again, you really should consider why Obama would go out of his way to help Zelaya, who is so clearly in the wrong and in violation of the Honduran Constitution, become a dictator by the illegal actions in which he is partaking. For if Zelaya gets his way, that is precisely what will happen.  What possible reason could Obama have to actively seek to install someone aspiring to become a  dictator into a Central American nation that will further strengthen Hugo Chavez and suppression of freedom and liberty for the people for the region as opposed to the Constitutionally backed government that has the support of the people, Congress and Supreme Court and is promising more liberty for all of its people?


Even More Proof of Geithner’s Hatred of the Free Market

By Caomhin

Yet another reason he should be ousted, but he’s being politically sheltered by the most ant-free market president this nation has ever seen.  You should take a moment and read this article that appeared in The Hill today and keep bringing the picture into focus.  Here are a few excerpts that I’d like to expand upon:

“The markets will not solve it,” he said in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

“The great risk for us is we do too little, not too much.”

At the heart of the matter, Geithner has faith in the free market, and as such, has no faith in individuals to tend to their own matters and to enter into contracts which are mutually beneficial to both the buyer and the seller.  The government’s interference in the marketplace caused the bubble to grow in the first place, and bubble grew as a result of government guarantees against bad loans.  Absent the backing of the Federal Government, the market on bonds that were backed by risky mortgages would certainly have not grown as it did.  These assurances limited the risk that buyers would be assuming and they paid out high rates.  From the sellers perspective, they had been encouraged by the government and in some cases coerced into making bad loans in the first place.  No one in government has yet to admit or take responsibility for this.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the free market ALWAYS self corrects.  Geithner has no grasp of economics nor history if he does not know this.  The greater risk is indeed that we do too much, as the government moves in and dumps trillions upon trillions of dollars to bailout failed industries, these responsibilities have now shifted to the American taxpayer, who never once was asked if this was acceptable use of our money.  As our hard earned dollars deteriorated in the market, we know face the double whammy of our money deteriorated in the hands of our government as well.   We are two dollars for every one that we invested in private corporations that were subject to government mandates that violated the free markets, the consequences of which we are now facing.  In private investment, you can only lose what you have invested.  In this case, we are being FORECED to lose MORE than we had chosen to invest in the first place.

None of this, of course, in Constitutional, and this is far worse than simply taxation without representation, it is an outright assault on our ability to reign in our own government’s political ambition.  It has nothing to do with, “We the People.”  It is an outright slap in the face of our rights as citizens and as free people.  Geithner cares for none of these things.

“We want to end this pattern of having booms and busts,” he said.

This, of course, is impossible.  To truly believe this, once again, he has no true understanding of economics.  You can minimize these cyclical patterns, but not eliminate them.  The intended goal should be, rather, to minimize the percentage in changes between cycle peaks and troughs, to allow for a more steady and gradual increase in GDP growth rates rather than harsh fluctuations (which of course we had seen, coincidentally in the time frame that the GOP gained control of Congress in the ‘94 elections and ended at the ‘06 election when the Democrats took over Congress).  That is clearly not what he is stating here.

Geithner said that after the crisis is over, “people are going to care less about what they make, more about what they do. What they achieve is what they make. And that will help make this country stronger.”

The thing is, he’s serious about this.  He actually believes people will not care too much about how much money they make.   Sure, the Democrats have pretty much told anyone who will listen that they’re going to increase all of their taxes for the “common good,” but does anyone honestly think that people are going to care less about how much money they make?  That somehow all your money woes and concerns will simply disappear because you’ll have a deep sense of appreciation for life because this particular recession, that the government caused (and rest assured, they will cause another one, not a naturally occurring recession, but one brought upon us by government interference in the marketplace) finally comes to close?  Or is that just it?  Maybe Geithner is saying what many people think, you’ll be lucky to even have a job once Obama and Geithner get their economic policies running full steam.

Regardless of how pessimistic this administration is and how utterly incompetent and clueless Treasury is, especially under Geithner’s leadership, we will always defend our individual freedoms.  The free market is the only system the world has ever seen in which both economic and personal freedom are maximized, and as one is assaulted, so too is the other.  We are tasked to defend each of these in order to safeguard our liberties.  As Milton Friedman has stated, capitalism and freedom are intricately intertwined (if you haven’t read Capitalism and Freedom or Free to Choose, here’s the links to the books on Amazon).  I’ll leave you with a quote from the great Freidman, “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”