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Bush Tax Cuts Should Be Made Permanent

By Caomhin

There is talk in some people of “the new normal,” which is essentially a view that our economic situation will never vastly improve over where we are today in the sense that there will be high levels of unemployment, lowered consumption levels, and a generally poor economic climate.  I strongly disagree with this notion.  I strongly disagree with this sentiment.  We are the greatest country on the face of the Earth.  Americans can overcome any obstacle that is thrown in their way provided that we are not hindered from doing so from external forces.

Government is not inherently bad.  I am a proponent of effective, efficient, and accountable government at each level.  On the other hand, big government, is inherently bad.  A large, bloated government puts a strain on its people through unnecessary regulation, high tax burdens, and disincentives to create among other things. Contrary to what Joe Biden recently said, essentially that government should get the credit for every innovation..ever, his view is completely wrong.  Milton Friedman’s assertion is correct.  Freidman, of course, said:

The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government.

Innovation spurs economic activity along with other factors such as certainty, the potential for profits and growth, and freedom in the market place.  “The New Normal,” does not exist if we lower tax rates and cut spending, if we eliminate inefficient, ineffective programs and focus on maintaining a streamlined government that is responsive to the needs of the people and respects them as individuals.

We have a number of crisis heading our direction from the recently passed health care abomination to social security and Medicare.  We have the means to fix these programs and eliminate billions in waste.  We have the ability to start moving towards a partially privatized system of retirement which, when proven effective, will hopefully lead to a completely privatized system.  In terms of the current economic conditions taking disposable and investible income out of the private market to put in the government’s coffers is an astonishingly bad idea.

We are Americans, we do not begrudge someone success, we wish it upon them.  We should not be green with envy when another person reaches great heights, we should congratulate them.  When the representatives of our government go on enormous and never ending spending sprees with the citizens’ money, it is shameful when they go on TV and claim the government “can’t afford” to stop their reckless indulgences.

I am whole heartedly behind Sens. Coburn and DeMint’s crusade against earmarks and I commend Sen. Coburn in particular for reminding the GOP that they can and will face primary challenges should they ignore what the people want.  What the people want, of course, is an end to the earmark process, lower taxes, more freedom, and good governance.  We are entitled to this and we are entitled to leaders who will provide this for us.  We will continue to take our fight to the ballot box and we need these tax cuts to be permanent.


Obama to Grow Government, Step Up Regulation Ahead of Election

By Caomhin

Liberals and Democrats know they are going to get clobbered at the polls by the people of our great nation for exploding the deficit, weakening our economy,  expanding government, and reducing our freedoms.  All signs point to the Democratic Party doubling down and ramming through even more bills that a are highly unpopular with the American people and further harming our nation.  I suppose from their perspective they have nothing to lose, they know they are going to lose the House this November, and will lose a number of Senate seats as well.  Rather than listen to what the people want, they will only listen to what they want yet again.  In doing so, we will suffer the repercussions.

Obama is planning to revive the Cap and Tax bill, which will have long term implications for businesses and individuals.  This bill is nothing more than a broad based tax increase.  The results of this bill will be more bureaucratic red tape, barriers to market entry, increases in production cost, increases in consumer taxes, more expensive gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and other essential needs for Americans.  This bill will further the death grip that Obama Administration is attempting to put on our free market system when coupled with the health care bill and the other piece of legislation that he is pursuing, “financial reform.”

His “financial reform” bill is again, another attempt at a tax increase that will also allow for perpetual bailouts in the future.  Rather than listen to business leaders, member of the public, the GOP, and people from all walks of life, Obama is simply listening to liberals and hardened leftists for guidance on what types of reforms he will attempt to implement.  The changes he will seek will result in great harm to the American consumer, one in which fees and taxes will be passed directly on to banking and investment clients.  Liberals can pretend this will not be the case, but this is a lie, and they know it.

Obama recently mocked Tea Partiers by saying that he should be given credit for cutting taxes.  I suppose this is his lame attempt at humor.  Obama has raised scores of taxes thus far and he will continue to seek to expand the revenue and scope of the federal government.  We need a strong, fit, and efficient federal government for the good of the people, but Obama’s Administration has cast the government into a sea of debt, bloated the government, and harmed its efficiency, which of course, negatively impacts all Americans.  The Cap and Tax and “Financial Reform” bills are two more attempts by the Obama Administration to continue this trend, and unless we speak out and oppose these bills as they exist, we will continue to suffer well into the future for the action of self serving politicians with a penchant for power and control.

The AP Recognizes that the National Debt is Unsustainable

By Caomhin

Many of us have argued that the National Debt is completely unsustainable, undermining everything in this nation from national security to the strength of the dollar to the very core of our economic system.  Government expenditures are so far out of control that we risk our very future with every spending bill that is crafted and Congress has thus far shown no ability to grasp reality or accept responsibility for it’s actions.  Now, even the AP is noticing this and sounding some alarms:

WASHINGTON (AP) – It’s bad enough that Greece’s debt problems have rattled global financial markets. In the world’s largest economic and military power, there’s a far more serious debt dilemma.

For the U.S., the crushing weight of its debt threatens to overwhelm everything the federal government does, even in the short-term, best-case financial scenario—a full recovery and a return to prerecession employment levels.

The government already has made so many promises to so many expanding “mandatory” programs. Just keeping these commitments, without major changes in taxing and spending, will lead to deficits that cannot be sustained.

It is a short article and worth the read.  However, I have a bad feeling that is the start of the media’s push to attempt to cover Obama’s flank to raise taxes.  The more you pay attention to the many interviews and ideas being churned out by members of the Obama Administration, the more it become apparent that they are gearing up to break their pledge to not raise income taxes on those making $250,000 or less.  In fact, there has been no movement or talk at all in Congress to extend any of the Bush Tax Cuts that have helped every single American and all tax brackets.  Obama and his liberal allies have pushed tax increases onto Americans in various ways, for example in the proposed Cap and Trade bill, the Health Care bill, and Obama’s financial industry taxes, all of these will be passed on to the American public.  Only a fool would increase taxes during a depression (yes, we are in a depression, we fit the text book definition of a depression, unfortunately no one has the courage to appropriately label it correctly).  Yet, this is exactly what we are facing.

Liberals do not have the self control or the foresight to cut spending dramatically in order to preserve the long term health of this nation.  Our futures, the futures of our children depend on shoring up our bottom line, and our President and Congress simply do not care.  We are burdened with enough taxes and enough programs.  Over time, as American has moved away from  pure economic and personal freedoms we have seen this situation further deteriorate.  Yet, is precisely into the abyss that our elected leaders have moved us toward.  This is simply unacceptable.  We have a duty to stand up to this kind of nonsense and stop the madness.  Until we elect responsible citizens into office, we cannot expect a cure to this financial disease.  We can not afford to simply wait and hope anymore.  Elected statesmen is a necessity and we need to do so every opportunity we get, for if we continue to put irresponsible men and women into office we all suffer immensely in the future.

CBS Hits Obama for Lying about Calls for Bipartisanship

By Caomhin

Kudos to Mark Knoller of CBS for calling Obama out for his lies with relation to wanting to work in a bipartisan spirit with the GOP:

What these presidential appeals for bipartisanship always mean is: do it my way.

Mr. Obama said he “won’t hesitate to embrace a good idea from my friends in the minority party.” But he wants his way. He wants his energy policy enacted along with his jobs bill, his financial regulatory reform and his health care plan.
And if the opposition continues to block his objectives, he said he “won’t hesitate to condemn what I consider to be obstinacy that’s rooted not in substantive disagreement but in political expedience.”
When a sitting president calls for bipartisanship by the opposition – he really means surrender. And if they block his proposals, its “obstinacy” and not political views they hold as strongly as he holds his.

Mr. Knoller is absolutely right.  Obama has never been genuine about his calls for bipartisanship.  In fact, he only has started to talk about bipartisanship in any large degree since Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts and cost Liberals their Supermajority.  Now, Obama HAS to have at least one GOP member to get bills passed, and rather than do actually work with Republicans, he refuses to back away from his plans and consider other opens.  Rather than hold open and honest talks with the GOP, he wants to televise a scolding and try to pressure the GOP into giving him his own way.  John Boehner and other Republicans should indeed boycott Obama’s “health care reform talk,” on Feb. 25th until Obama shows that he is honest about wanting to listen to other ideas and incorporate them into a bill that works for the American people.  Boehner is also correct in that the Obama’s bill will not pass.  Of course, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, are just the kinds of egomaniacs who will force a bill widely opposed by the American people, down our throats through reconciliation.  However, I promise you, if they were to resort to this tactic rather than to craft a bill satisfactory to the American people, all of our efforts to throw the usurpers out of office in a swift and decisive fashion, will increase exponentially.

Obama is a talented speaker. When it comes to working well with others, problem solving, stepping out of his comfort zone, working with numbers, or governing, he lacks a strong skill set. However, it is his ego that is his biggest drawback and the one that has become glaringly obvious to the American people.  Rather than overpromising and under delivering as so many politicians before him, he has hyper promised and delivered nothing.  Americans will respond to him and his Party at the election booth in November.

Obama’s Change: Record Deficits

By Caomhin

In his State of the Union Obama talked about not rewarding failure.  Americans should keep these words in mind this November and in 2012.  Obama’s projected budgets cast deficits as far out as projections allow, and for the fiscal year of 2011 Obama is determined to set records:

Republicans on Monday slammed President Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget as a fiscally irresponsible spending spree, casting doubt on the administration’s claim that the budget reflects cutbacks and hard choices.

The fiscal year 2011 budget, sent to Congress Monday, includes new jobs-creation programs and additional funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but is projected to add nearly $1.3 trillion in deficit spending on top of the current year’s projected $1.6 trillion deficit. As he unveiled the budget, Obama warned the federal government to stop treating taxpayer dollars like “Monopoly money.”

Obama has the nerve to utter that last line, failing to recognize his utter destruction he has perpetrated against this nation’s finances.  He is proposing a $1.6 TRILLION DEFICIT. This doesn’t even include his government run health care plan.  This is on top of the $1.56 Trillion dollar deficit he ran last year.  Remember, this is before he and his liberal allies ram even more programs and spending bills down our throats.  Assuming Congress does nothing else, at all, about anything, until next year, Obama will have increased the deficit by $3.16 Trillion in 2 years.  That number is sure to grow.  So for Obama to say that government should stop treating the taxpayer dollar like “Monopoly money,” when he is in fact, the one doing it, it is offensive to anyone who pays taxes and lives in this nation.  He is putting our nation into levels of unsustainable debt and we will all feel the repercussions of this.  The liberals need to go, for the good of our nation, for its survival, they must be voted out.

Another key fact to note from this article:

According to White House estimates, the budget’s deficit for fiscal year 2013 would drop to $700 billion before jumping back up to $1 trillion in 2020, the furthest out that budgeters will predict.

He has projected deficits as far out as they can even project.  Additionally, his budget proposes eliminating most of the Bush Tax cuts that actually spurred investment and economic activity, bringing tax relief to all Americans, and greatly helped American small businesses.  He is also assuming an unemployment rate of close to 10% if not higher for the next two years.  He proposes raising taxes during a depression and spending uncontrollably for as long as he is in office and he thinks somehow, this can fix things.  He is wrong, the liberals are wrong, and they must go.  We cannot continue to pay the price for our “leadership’s” failure.  They must be voted out.

Obama has shown no restraint and refuses to take responsibility for his actions, always pointing the finger at others.  His hubris is so deep that he cannot even recognize the harm he is doing to our nation from the ability of families to maintain purchasing power from a strong dollar to our reputation globally as he continues to undermine our economy.  No amount of rhetoric can mask the reality of the situation.  It is dire and demands immediate action.  Rather than remedy the situation Obama and the liberals choose to exacerbate it, to the detriment of all Americans.  It is unconscionable.  We deserve better and Obama and the liberals must be voted out.

Biden’s Closed Door Meeting on Transparency

By Caomhin

Head on over to the LA Times to read Andrew Malcom’s blog, you won’t be disappointed.  Here’s an excerpt:

After a recent public sighting, fears had mounted that the one-time, long-term senator might rebel against traditional White House strictures and start acting on all the administration’s oft-promised promises of government transparency and official openness running back into 2008.

But the VP’s public schedule today puts all those fears to rest.

I distinctly remember Obama and Pelosi both making promises of being open and transparent numerous times, but now even the press has little doubt that they are and were lying about this pledge.   Gibbs has been taking his hits from the press cops as well for the administration’s lack of transparency and even C-SPAN has slammed the Democrats for operating in secrecy and voting in the dead of the night.  Why, it’s almost as if the Democrats don’t want the American people to know what they’re doing.

Yep, Democrats’ Health Bill Will Outlaw Private Insurance

By Caomhin

Extremely important article today in titled, “It’s not an Option.”  I suggest, in the strongest of terms reading the entire article and after reading the first paragraph, I’m sure you will:

It didn’t take long to run into an “uh-oh” moment when reading the House’s “health care for all Americans” bill. Right there on Page 16 is a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal.

How’s that for a teaser?  Read the whole thing, OK, now I’m pretty much begging you to and this is one you should probably send in emails to your friends and family and encourage them to send it around as well.  Once again we’re seeing Liberals lie and spit in our face as they try to ensure Government take over of the healthcare industry and initiate rationing which will result in lower quality care, higher mortality rates, loss of freedom, higher unemployment rates, and higher deficits.  Under no means can we allow this bill to pass.