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You Don’t Say

By Caomhin

The headline says it all, “Former Gitmo Prisoner Gets Taliban Promotion.”  You mean the people who were held at Gitmo were actually terrorists who wanted to destroy the United States and murder our fellow citizens who have volunteered to serve in our military?  Who could have seen that coming?

Where’s Code Pink at these days? Shouldn’t the be out screeching about this sort of thing in the streets of Afghanistan, reminding the terrorists that they are not actually terrorists and shouldn’t be murdering and torturing innocent Americans and Afghans?  Where’s the media outrage and coverage of this story?

The left wing of this nation howls wildly when Rush Limbaugh makes a stand and states that he does not want Socialist or statist to take root in the country, yet than can not come to terms to admit that President Bush did not fail when he told the world what type of people were being held at Gitmo, terrorist scum.  They of course, can not admit this, or else they’d be admitting that President Bush had taken the correct course of action in sending them to Gitmo in the first place.

Here’s a few little reminders for Obama.  First, don’t close down Gitmo, it appears that you may actually be coming around to realizing why it’s actually there in the first place.  Second, Mr. Hope and Change, start expressing some confidence in our troops in Afghanistan and in the Afghan people themselves.  Show true faith, like President Bush had in our troops and in the Iraqis.  Knowing people believe in you is a great motivator.  Third, don’t let Biden talk, at all, about anything, especially about Afghanistan (reference my last sentence…and the English language in general).  Finally, let me remind you, there is no “moderate” elements in the Taliban with which you can negotiate.


Pennsylvania Deserves Better than John Murtha

By Caomhin

Pork loving, Marine and Western Pennsylvania slandering, John Murtha has made yet another incredulous statement when he went on record to say that he would have no problem to bring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to his district (PA-12).  Murtha is completely out of touch from reality if he truly believes that Pennsylvanians are receptive to bringing enemy combatants from the facility in Cuba to our Commonwealth.  While I am located in the Eastern portion of the Commonwealth, no one that I have had contact with here wants these terrorists in our back yard.  The contact that I have had with people from the Western portion of our state have no intention of opening their back yards to these people either.

Murtha’s vantage point here is easy to dissect.  His constant funneling of federal dollars into his district get him votes, even when he goes out and calls the great people from Western Pennsylvania “racist” and “redneck.”  Murtha sees another opportunity to bring federal tax dollars into the district as way to “stimulate” the economy.  Rest assured any job creation from this effort will be seen in his next campaign add.

Unbelievably, he lacks foresight as well as the understanding of how these people operate.  Former detainees that were subsequently released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to the battlefield, have become leaders to the al-Qaeda network, and continued to wage war against the American citizens.  Entering these people into the prison system in Pennsylvania makes the system much more dangerous while allowing terrorist scum an opportunity to spread their propaganda of hate.

2010 seems like a long way off, but in reality, it is not.  The grassroots efforts of people across this Commonwealth demand accountability, respect, and common sense from our leaders.  John Murtha has not shown any of these traits for quite some time. Bill Russell’s website will be re-launching in February and has already announced his intention to run again, in order to restore true leadership to the 12th Congressional District to the Commonwealth.