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Liberals Don’t Care About Lower and Middle Class Families

By Caomhin

There’s no hiding it at this point, after having rejected a 2 year compromise that was the result of negotiations between the White House and the GOP.  Liberals went off the deep end because the plan did not include provisions to soak the rich.  Their deep seated hatred of high income earners and the sheer nerve of people not wanting to have to surrender upwards of 50% of their income after all current levels of taxes are collected have caused them to go off the deep end yet again.

Noted nutjobs such Keith Olbermann are now threatening to primary Obama because he is not going to jack up the tax rates for people who invest in start up businesses, employ people, or save money that lending institutions can use to fund the purchases of homes, cars, etc. No, it’s not enough to have the estate tax go up to level in the mid 30’s, Liberals must collect much more than that if a person were to have the audacity to earn money and the utter gall to die and will their assets to their children instead of Uncle Sam.

Yes, such is the level of liberal rage that their House caucus would rather taxes go up on every single American than to have to live with the nightmare of people not being gouged by the government for two more years.  It is much more important to take away disposable income from rich people than to make sure poor people can afford such trivial things as food and water.

Liberals are probably still scratching their heads over why they had their tails handed to them in November.  It’s garbage like this.  I’m convinced that not only do Liberals not understand math or accounting in any fashion but they fail to understand business and good governance.  With Obama up there throwing around hostage analogies and calling John Boehner a “bomb thrower,” which was even more offensive considering he used that phrase on Pearl Harbor day, they have shown themselves to be utterly clueless and completely callous.  The result of their temper tantrums and blind hatred will hurt all Americans yet again.


You Would Think the Left and Right Could Agree about Assange

By Caomhin

Sadly, I am mistaken in that belief.  Unbelievably, the city of Berkeley is considering a measure to declare Bradley Manning a hero.  Manning, for those who may not be aware, is the person responsible for stealing classified documents and providing them to Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  Assange has paid for documents whether legally or illegally acquired and has been using these documents as a means to fight battles rather than simply exercise the right of freedom of speech.

For all intents and purposes Assange had and continues to have bounties out in information that he can use to damage people that he disagrees with.  When considering this case, you must keep in mind the fact that information is being purchased by Assange for reasons which are not simply to inform the public but rather to damage entities and individuals.  As further evidence that Assange and his associates are not the protagonists in this situation you need to look no further than to the DOS attacks on a variety of websites ranging from MasterCard to Sarah Palin’s website.  For the record, I am not a huge Sarah Palin supporter, in fact, I will be torn in 2012 as to whether to support Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels, or Tim Pawlenty but that is another story.

So what was MasterCard’s great sin?  MasterCard decided to disallow donations to the Wikileaks website.  That’s it, that is all that they did.  Sarah Plain’s great sin was to criticize the website and it’s founder.  The same is true of the White House, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, and others with whom I have frequently disagreed.  The great sin of all of these individuals was their exercise of their right to free speech and sharing their views on the Wikileaks situation.  Delusional and messianic supporters began attacking those who do not share their view points.  The actions they have partaken in are a form of cyber terrorism and their past actions have put countless lives on the line across the globe.

There is no doubt that Assange considers America an enemy.  That much is clear by his actions.  Obama has handled this situation in a reasonable fashion and I applaud him for doing so.  I sincerely hope that he is taking steps to prevent situations like this from arising in the future and I hope that those plans are being implemented quickly and effectively.  I have disagreed with Obama on many, many occasions, but when it comes to our collective security with regards to Wikileaks we all need to work together on this issue.

Amazingly, however, the far left and the very far right seem to look upon this man as a hero.  I fail to understand the logic behind such thinking.  He has endangered countless lives, has named individuals who summoned tremendous courage to help fight the war on terror, and has slowed the flow of information that would help prevent another terrorist strike, not just in America, but in any number of nations.  Additionally, their subsequent actions that have the intent of silencing their critics make clear that their intentions are not pure.