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While I’m At It

By Caomhin

Just thought I’d remind everyone to check out other candidates that we favor here at To Our Republic.  While the elections are a long ways off and a great deal of things can change, I just wanted to put up a list of links you can check out to people who we are looking forward to helping elect, or to re-elect.

2009 New Jersey Race for Governor:  Chris Christie

2010 Oklahoma Race for Senate:  Tom Coburn

2010 South Carolina Race for Senate:  Jim DeMint

2010 Ohio Race for Senate:  Rob Portman

2010 Delaware Race for Senate:  Christine O’Donnell

2010 California Race for Senate:  Chuck DeVore

2010 Louisiana Race for Senate:  David Vitter

2010 South Dakota Race for Senate:  John Thune

2010 Kentucky Race for Senate:  Jim Bunning (no recent updates…yet)

Again, lots more updates to come, but this is just a sampling to get started with.


Toomey Makes it Official

By Caomhin

Supremely awesome.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know how stoked I am for this.  I signed up on the website pretty much as soon as it launched and I’m in it for the long haul.  Everything I can do within my power and capabilities I’m going to do to get Pat Toomey in the Senate.  He is EXACTLY what we need in Congress right now, and we need him desperately both as citizens of the Commonwealth and of the United States.  It’s been my honor to have voted for Pat in his successful races for the House of Representatives in my district and in the Senate primary in 2004, and I’ll have that honor at least one more time.  I won’t go all out here, mainly due to the past posts and the ones that will be forthcoming.  However, I’m going to ask you to do a few things.

1. Visit the official Website

2. Sign up for updates

3. Spend some time on the site to get to know Pat and his stance on the issues

4. Do whatever you can to help get him elected.

Let’s get Pat into Senate in a landslide, it’s our fight now.

It’s About Time

By Riss

Finally the RNC is ready to call out my favorite RINO’s.  Welcome to “growing a pair” RNC, it’s about time and congratulations.  RINO Senators. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) should be held accountable for their votes on the Stimulus Bill from hell and making the Republican Party appear to be wayward and weak.  If you can’t stand with the party values, please find your nearest exit so that the RNC can find people who are truly conservative.

An important election will be coming for Specter and I hope Pat Toomey takes his seat away.  Hopefully the people of PA will understand that being fiscally conservative is important when dealing with a spend happy Obama Administration.

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