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Obama Releases Special Statement on Fox News

By Caomhin

Unbelievable.  The administration has spent so much time crying exactly like this baby it diminishes the office.  Quite frankly it’s pathetic.  Obama has taken about 1% of the criticism George W. Bush took during his time in office and Obama can’t handle it?  At all?  Yet, we’re supposed to trust this administration to handle the economy (which we are still in the midst of a depression which we will recover from in spite of, not because of his debt exploding policies), Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue, his socialized health care plan, etc.?

This administration promised transparency and has yet to deliver even a sliver of it, all they’ve done is put up lead walls to prevent citizens to have any mechanism to see what’s going on.  Democrats have stonewalled attempts to allow legislation to posted on line for even a small time frame for citizens to investigate and understand, and they cry like soiled babies when someone dares to try to hold them accountable.  Again, this is pathetic.  If the administration is so terrified that they would panic and try to stop Major Garrett of Fox News from interviewing their socialist “pay czar,” imagine the paper mache spine they’ll show when it comes time to deal tough with Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.  Perhaps Obama should stop crying about Fox News time and time again and do something besides have Congress raise the national debt ceiling.


Status Update

By Caomhin

We’re still here, it’s just been a very busy time, lots of big things going on for us right now.  We’ll be back to our normal volume soon along with some very exciting updates for everyone.  In the interim, I’ll be sure to try and put some posts up soon.  Anyone who needs to get in contact with us please do so through Twitter, Facebook, or our email address at:

Thanks again for all the well wishes!