Pretty Much Everything We Said Liberals Believed About Healthcare

By Caomhin

Read the whole thing.  Read it from start to finish and come to terms, and quickly that this piece, “Why We Must Ration Health Care,” is not satire, but is truly how this man feels and is precisely how many, many liberals on Capital Hill feel about this issue and the public in general.  It is downright embarrassing, and I believe immoral, that people can view human life in this way.  Here’s a sampling from page 4:

The death of a teenager is a greater tragedy than the death of an 85-year-old, and this should be reflected in our priorities. We can accommodate that difference by calculating the number of life-years saved, rather than simply the number of lives saved. If a teenager can be expected to live another 70 years, saving her life counts as a gain of 70 life-years, whereas if a person of 85 can be expected to live another 5 years, then saving the 85-year-old will count as a gain of only 5 life-years. That suggests that saving one teenager is equivalent to saving 14 85-year-olds.

If you can save a life you save that person’s life.  Case closed.  It’s never “too expensive” to try and save a life and the only regret you can have in dealing with tragedy is that you didn’t do enough for that person.  If you saw a person dying in front of you, does their age, gender, race, religion, etc., matter to you AT ALL?  For a healthcare plan to be pushed that will look at you as nothing more than a statistic to be measured in a mathematic formal is beyond reproach and that alone should disqualify this bill from being considered.  The government answers to us, they draw their power from us, and the sheer contempt they have for human life, your life, my life, and all human life in general is devoid of all moral substance.  All human life is sacred.  It is not something that should be assigned to a random number table or applied to a logarithm to test hypotheses or to save money.


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